I’m 18 & I made $1 million on Snapchat in just two months with unboxing videos

A TEEN has revealed how she earned $1 million on Snapchat in just two months, by posting unboxing videos.

Katie Feeney, 18, who’s still at school in Olney, Maryland, has 5.2 million followers and 351.7 million likes on TikTok.


Katie Feeney, 18, made $1 million (£740k) on Snapchat in just two months[/caption]


The teen posts unboxing videos and ‘funny content’[/caption]

But she’s also cashing in on Snapchat, where she’s made more than £740,000 with “unboxing videos and funny content” since November.

Speaking to The New York Times, Katie said the cash has opened up new opportunities, including universities she previously couldn’t afford.

“I think it’s going to take me a while to really process it,” she explained.

“I now have the opportunity to go to the school of my choice. For a lot of people Spotlight is going to change their life and it’s unbelievable.”


Snapchat’s new short video service, called Spotlight, hopes to rival TikTok[/caption]

Spotlight is Snapchat’s new feature to rival TikTok, where users can share short-form videos.

Launched in November, Spotlight told NY Times it is “distributing over $1 million USD every day to Snapchatters”.

Katie added: “I think making money is definitely a reason why a lot of high schoolers want to become social media influencers.”


Katie is a popular TikTok star who turned her efforts to Snapchat after hearing about Spotlight[/caption]

Many of those cashing in are, like Katie, already famous TikTok stars and Gen Z influencers.

But a few ordinary people have also struck gold by going viral.

One of those is Andrea Romo, 27, who normally earns £9.20 ($12.20) an hour working in merchandising at Lowe’s home improvement store.

But after posting a Thanksgiving video of her sister deep frying a turkey, she was paid £367,000 ($500,000) by Spotlight.

Snapchat influencers warn the payments have been getting smaller in recent weeks, as more competition makes it harder to get views.

We recently spoke to a woman who set up her first business when she was 18 – now Mrs Hinch has turned it into a £5 million empire.


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