I’m A Celebrity viewers stunned as AJ Pritchard sleeps naked in freezing castle

AJ Pritchard distracted I’m A Celebrity viewers tonight by stripping naked to sleep in the freezing castle.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star found himself having a hot flush after stuffing himself full of roasted lamb after a trial win.

The Strictly star stunned viewers by sleeping naked

But during the night he was too hot to sleep in his normal sleepwear and ended up stripping off.

His campmates couldn’t believe it as the temperature in the castle had been freezing.

But the next morning AJ was well and truly warmed up and nearly flashed the other stars when he got out of bed.

“Oh Christ,” AJ said as he got out of bed.

AJ posed for Mo’s fake camera
The Olympian pretended to take snaps of naked AJ

“Didn’t check myself then when I nearly slipped out.”

Fans were in shock at his antics.

One wrote: “AJ LOOKS NAKED IM SCREMAING #ImACeleb  #imacelebrity  #imacelebritygetmeoutofhere”

A second said: “AJ realising he hasnt had enough screen time, so he strips naked during the night , just to ensure it doesnt happen again. Face with tears of joy #ImACeleb #imacelebrity”

Another added: “Ah yes. The old roast dinner made me so hot I had to get naked on telly. I know it well, AJ. #ImACeleb”

Others decided it was further proof the celebrities were in an central heated part of the castle.

One wrote: “There’s no way they don’t have central heating….night time in Wales and AJ is half naked (not that I’m complaining) #ImACeleb”

Another added: “Aj sleeping naked… Everyone in tshirts.. That castle’s got central heating! #ImACeleb #imacelebrity”


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