I’m A Celebrity’s Beverley slammed for eating butter – despite claiming to be vegan to dodge BushTucker eating trial

I’M A Celebrity star Beverley Callard has been slammed for eating butter – despite claiming to be vegan.

Last night, the 63-year-old Coronation Street actress was accused of lying to cheat her way out of eating gross bits of animal in a BushTucker trial.

Vegan Beverley Callard ate bread and butter tonight

She managed to get out of eating meat in the vomit-inducing Fright of the Round Table trial last night with Vernon Kay and Jordan North.

But suddenly tonight, Beverley was seen chomping down bread and butter that was won in the Coin Challenge.

Pointing out that vegans don’t eat any food derived from animals, one viewer said: “How did Beverly eat butter and bread if she’s vegan like I need verification it was vegan! Can’t even do a proper eating challenge.”

Another added: “Beverley Callard enjoying her Oxtail thought she was vegan!”

Someone else said: “Bev seeing that the meal is oxtail & not one of her vegan dishes..”

A fan added: “Beverly the ‘vegan eating bread, butter and meals in camp’.”

The 63-year-old said she has been vegan since March

One asked: “So is Beverley getting a vegan substitute for every treat and meal? Bread and butter, oxtail.”

A viewer said: “The producers trying to figure out why bev is eating bread and butter when she’s meant to be vegan.”

One asked: “Are you meant to eat butter if you are vegan?”

Viewers have watched Beverley tucked into rabbit and eel around the campfire on the first two nights after her co-stars were seen heartily eating their rewards for winning stars in trials.

And they grew even more suspicious when she revealed she’s only been following the plant-based diet since March.


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