I’m a lazy mum but I still deserve to be waited on hand & foot on Mother’s Day – my boys do my nails & wash the cars

A SELF-CONFESSED lazy mum says she still deserves to be spoilt and pampered on Mother’s Day, with her sons doing everything from home pedicures to washing the cars.

Kerry Davies, 39, from Crewe, Cheshire, “expects not to lift a finger all day” on Mothering Sunday – and the fact she cuts corners in parenting shouldn’t affect that.


Kerry Davies, 39, from Crewe, is a self-confessed lazy mum and expects to not lift a finger on Mother’s Day – starting with breakfast in bed[/caption]

The estate agency director says husband Kevin, 43, a former police officer who works for the NHS, and kids Gabriel, 14, and Zachary, 10, spoil her rotten on Mother’s Day – meaning Kerry prefers it to her birthday.

Speaking to Fabulous, she says: “Me being me, I want the laziest day possible on Mother’s Day.

“I expect breakfast in bed and to not lift a finger all day, I work full-time so on Mother’s Day I expect to be pampered.

“Anything I can get out of the boys or Kevin, whether that be a massage or a manicure or pedicure, that’s what I’ll get them to do.

Kerry and husband Kevin, 43, are parents to Gabriel, 14, left, and Zachary, 10, second right

“I expect them to do the food shopping and cook a roast, which the boys will help Kevin make, because that’s what I normally do on a Sunday.

“I’d rather them walk the dogs for me or do the chores than buy me a gift. Mother’s Day is my day off.

Me being me, I want the laziest day possible on Mother’s Day. I expect breakfast in bed and to not lift a finger all day, I work full-time so on Mother’s Day I expect to be pampered

Kerry Davies39

“I prefer it to my birthday, because you still have to make an effort to entertain people or get ready to go out for dinner. But on Mother’s Day, your family are the ones putting in the effort.

“My idea of a perfect Mother’s Day is sitting on the sofa, doing what I want and putting my feet up. If the weather’s nice, I’ll go out in the garden. But my job is to literally burn as few calories as possible.

“I don’t care if people think it’s lazy, it’s my one day of rest when everyone has to do stuff for me.”


Kerry’s youngest Zach gives her a pedicure[/caption]

For Kerry, Sunday will start with breakfast in bed, which her sons have been making since they were five or six years old.

She says: “From quite a young age, about five or six, I’ve had the boys using the toaster or making a bowl of cereal.

The boys will give me massages, paint my nails or brush my hair. Kevin gets the same on Father’s Day, the boys will be cleaning his car

Kerry Davies39

“It’s about showing willing and that mums aren’t there just to do everything for you, you can help Mum out too. It’s to make them independent and show them they can do things for themselves.

“My boys both like cooking. They know how to load the dishwasher and put their own laundry in the washing machine or the tumble dryer, they are quite capable because I encourage them to learn these things.

“They can get the hoover out, they know how to dust, polish and clean, they can even pick the dog poo up from the garden. All the really exciting jobs I hate doing myself.”

Kerry Davies

Kerry says spoiling her teaches her boys valuable life lessons[/caption]


She expects breakfast in bed and a home cooked roast[/caption]

Kerry then likes a Mother’s Day spa experience, saying: “Zachary will do little massages and pamper sessions, he loves painting my nails.

“They both get involved, they’ll put face masks on me or brush my hair.”

And she insists her day off is teaching her boys valuable lessons, adding: “I feel like they’ll appreciate what I do all year round more.

“As a mum, I feel like I have two full-time jobs. So we deserve a day of rest.

Kerry Davies

Dad Kevin gets the same treatment on Father’s Day – with the boys washing his car for him[/caption]

“Kevin gets the same on Father’s Day, he doesn’t have to lift a finger, while the boys will be cleaning his car.

“It’s about doing nice things for each other, it doesn’t have to be about buying gifts.

“I’m not bothered about the commercialisation of Mother’s Day, to me it’s all about having that day off and an appreciation for your mother and everything she does for you.

“If the boys had an issue with it, I’d say ‘this is what we do for you all year round’.

“It’s very much a give and take situation, which we all have to take part in, so if ever the boys say they don’t want to do anything, I’ll push back and say ‘well this is what I do’.

“It’s not a guilt trip, it’s just showing them a different perspective because we don’t believe in telling them off, and it normally helps them see it from my point of view.”


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