I’m moving to university in a couple of months but I want my relationship to work

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I go to uni in a couple of months I’ll be leaving my boyfriend behind but we both really want our relationship to work out long-term.

He is 18, like me, but went to college and studied IT while I did A levels. He’s not sure what he’ll do next. He just knows it won’t be in IT.

I’m moving to university in a couple months but I want my relationship to work

I’m encouraging him to apply for jobs and apprenticeships but he’s not really listening to me.

I want to support him in finding a worthwhile career as he seems to be getting down.

The uni I’m going to is four hours away and I’m worried our love won’t survive.

DEIDRE SAYS: Finding your place in the world as an adult can be very stressful. Some find it very much harder than others to find their way forward and generally cope.

Urge your boyfriend to contact the National Careers Service (nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk, 0800 100 900). It’s free.

Focus on living your life to the full, keep in touch and see where you end up.

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