Imelda Staunton begs Peaky Blinders bosses for role as femme fatale matriarch as production kicks off

IMELDA Staunton has begged Peaky Blinders bosses for a role as a femme fatale matriarch – just as production kicks off on season six.

Last month, the 64-year-old actress was confirmed to play Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and final season of Netflix’s hit series, The Crown.

Imelda Staunton has begged Peaky Blinders bosses for a role as a femme fatale matriarch – just as production kicks off on season six
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But not one to rest on her laurels, Imelda has revealed her desire to star in one of her favourite TV shows.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she revealed she has binged watched the BBC period drama with husband Jim Carter, and added: “Don’t think I didn’t b***dy try [to get on the show].

“I want to be a Peaky b***dy Blinder. I’d be so mean.”

When asked if she’d like to be the matriarch of a rival family, Imelda nodded and added: “Let them try and mess with me, I’ve got the Irish, I’ve got the meanness.”

Peaky Blinders is one of Imelda’s favourite shows
The actress would love to play a matriarch of a rival family and be ‘so mean’ to the Shelby’s

Her revelation comes after Peaky Blinders show boss Steven Knight revealed season six would feature another time jump to the 1930s and the dawn of World War II.

“It’s moving the story forward. We always jump in time so we are into the 1030s. Expect the unexpected,” said Steven.

“Because of the nature of the decade, the 30s, we know what happened at the end – that war began.”

Speaking to PA, he added: “There are rumblings and rumours of war and that is overshadowing the whole thing. It makes it all the more… the stakes are higher.”

Imelda and her husband Jim Carter have binge-watched the BBC drama

While Imelda awaits the order from the Peaky Blinders, she will next be seen on screen in new ITV drama, Flesh and Blood.

The actress plays Mary, a nosy neighbour who grows suspicious of the new man in her friend Vivienne’s life.

The series’ trailer teases a death, as Vivienne’s three children clash with her new man, Mark, but Imelda believes her character wouldn’t be so sinister.

Imelda will next be seen in ITV’s Flesh and Blood

She said: “I don’t think so, I think as it goes on your allegiances go to different people in the story, and it leaves her and it goes to other people and that’s the brilliance of the writing.
“This is all happening because of him [Mark] arriving. Mary has always been there looking after [Vivienne’s] kids so it’s not as if she’s annoying in that way, as far as the kids are concerned.
“I think she’s being a little bit over protective of Vivienne.”

Imelda plays a nosy neighbour called Mary who is suspicious of her friend Vivienne’s new boyfriend

At one point in the first episode, Mary takes in a mystery package sent by Mark to Vivienne, and she steams it open to find a beautiful dressing gown.
She is then seen sitting in it while having her dinner in front of the TV, and Imelda added: “I didn’t find it as weird as I should have found it.
“Someone opening someone’s mail, that’s weird but I don’t think she thinks that it is.
“I do think she thinks she’s finding out if there’s anything dodgy going on.”
Flesh and Blood starts on Monday, February 24 on ITV and will air across four consecutive nights. 


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