Impressive shot of fox and marmot stand-off wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 competition

A TERRIFIED marmot is confronted by a hungry Tibetan fox in a dramatic award-winning image. Yongqing Bao’s shot, called The Moment, won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Audun Rikardsen’s picture of a golden eagle in Norway, was among other standout snaps from more than 48,000 entries. The best will go on display at London’s Natural History Museum.

Yongqing Bao

Yongqing Bao, winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the year awards 2019 for his image The Moment, showing a standoff between a Tibetan fox and a marmot[/caption]

Audun Rikardsen

Land of The Eagle by Audun Rikardsen was shot on the coast near his home in northern Norway[/caption]

Ingo Arndt

This image of a puma hunting a guanaco in Patagonia, Chile was also a winning snap[/caption]

Shangzhen Fan

Snow-plateau Nomads by Shangzhen Fan shot in China’s Altun Shan National Nature Reserve[/caption]

Stefan Christmann

This snap titled The Huddle was shot by Stefan Christmann on the sea ice of Antarctica’s Atka Bay[/caption]

Jérémie Villet

Frozen Moment by Jérémie Villet shows North American mountain sheep blending in with their snowy environment[/caption]

Charlie Hamilton James

The Rat Pack by Charlie Hamilton James shows rats on the pavement of Pearl Street in New York[/caption]

David Doubilet

A wrasse and coronet fish glide through a colony of garden eels off Dumaguete, Philippines[/caption]

Zorica Kovacevic

Tapestry of Life by Zorica Kovacevic was taken in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, California and shows fungus on a Monterey cypress tree[/caption]

Thomas Easterbrook

Night Glow by Thomas Easterbrook was shot on a night dive in Indonesia[/caption]

Thomas Easterbrook

Humming Surprise by Thomas Easterbrook shows a hummingbird hawk-moth in France[/caption]

Ripan Biswas

Face of Deception by Ripan Biswas shows a red weaver ant in the subtropical forest of India’s Buxa Tiger Reserve[/caption]

Max Waugh

An American bison endures a thick snowfall in Yellowstone National Park – slow shutter speed was used to create an abstract effect with the falling snowflakes[/caption]

Manuel Plaickner

Pondworld by Manuel Plaickner shows the mass migration of common frogs in South Tyrol, Italy[/caption]

Riccardo Marchegiani

Early Riser by Riccardo Marchgiani shows a female gelada with a week-old infant clinging to her belly in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park[/caption]

Max Waugh

Snow Exposure by Max Waugh was also shot in Yellowstone National Park[/caption]

Daniel Kronauer

Daniel Kronauer captures army ants assembling a temporary nest out of their own bodies in Costa Rica[/caption]

Luis Vilariño Lopez

Creation by Luis Vilariño Lopez shows hot lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean on Hawaii’s Big Island[/caption]



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