In my feelings challenge: the new challenge is stupid and dangerous on the internet

You’re in the car, or worse conductor, and of a sudden, you get off the car, then open car door, to dance on the floor on a song of american rapper Drake, “in my feelings” – hence the name of the challenge. Everything was filmed and immediately posted in the social network of the person remained on board (and who don’t look at the road of course). The interest? We still didn’t understand. The risk? Huge, of course. In addition to the fact that it is not a stunt man born to know how to jump a car in motion, the risks are numerous occasions with other vehicles. Not to mention, as the watch a parody on Youtube, the risk that the car goes out of control or end his race against a tree, or worse, passers-by. This challenge moron is born on Instagram, where a star of this network has posted a video, filming next to his car while walking. Nearly 800 000 people revel in it, the goal being to do the same thing and especially to launch the challenge to other people to meet the challenge. (Including children).

Several accidents filmed (or supposed to) also circulate on the web. In particular, a young woman mowed by a car, others that fall out of the car, that bump posts, or even the vehicle out of control. True or false videos to discourage the users to do the same, several celebrities of the web have played the game to alert on the dangers of this challenge. As to the police officers – americans in particular, they have played the game by diverting the concept, filming, dancing. Has the judgment.

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