In Tennessee It’s Raining Cats And Dogs – And Snakes?


Flying has its headaches. Long lines through security, cramped planes, delays and cancellations, the list goes on and on. No matter how many complaints we’ve heard about travelling, however, none will top Bradley Button’s.Button was returning home to Melbourne, Australia after taking a short trip to visit his friend in Wellington, New Zealand. He was flying Singapore Airlines, which normally has a reputation for quality service and cleanliness.PixabayAlthough it’s only a short trip,

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While some men keep the engagement ring they picked out for their fiance a surprise until the very last moment, others let their new brides choose the jewelry for themselves.It’s not as traditional, but this method guarantees your new fiance will be satisfied with their ring, and choosing one together is like picking out your future as a couple.But all it takes is one nasty store employee to spoil the effect, as

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Driving, and parking in particular, seems like it’s one of those things that just brings out people’s inner selfishness. Looking at all the cars that are parked in front of driveways, blocking traffic, taking up multiple spots, or parking in front of fire hydrants, it’s hard not to get mad. It seems like every other driver in the world thinks: “This is illegal, but it’s okay.”Well it’s not okay and the Anaheim Fire & Rescue

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When the controversial true crime documentary Making A Murderer premiered on Netflix in 2015, it became a nationwide phenomenon.The case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man found guilty of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach in 2005, captivated the nation as fans debated whether or not he was truly guilty.Avery was convicted of murdering Halbach in 2007.NetflixNow, newly discovered evidence has earned Avery the right to appeal his sentence, and possibly win his freedom,

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Demetra Nyx is on a mission.The young sex coach and storyteller helps people connect with themselves and with others.”I help people embrace all of who they are without shame,” she writes on her Instagram bio.Just scanning her personal website where she offers her services and counselling, it’s clear she’s very well respected by her clients. She has a very elaborate view on sexuality and how it impacts our lives.Posted by Demetra

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It was one of those surprising, emotional videos that makes the rounds on social media: a judge from Miami recognized the man standing before her on burglary charges as a childhood friend.”Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?” Judge Mindy Glazer asked an orange-clad Arthur Booth in the 2015 video.”Oh my goodness,” a surprised Booth said over and over. The defendant smiled as he realized he was standing before his old classmate,

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