Indian Red Boy shot dead latest – Rapper killing on Instagram live video ‘wasn’t over defaced Nipsey Hussle mural in LA’

INDIAN Red Boy – 21-year-old Zerail Dijon Rivera – was shot in the head three times as he sat behind the wheel of his car, according to reports.

Some people online suggested that the rapper may have been shot for allegedly defacing a Nipsey Hussle mural in Los Angeles.

However, an insider recently said that had nothing to do with his death, saying it was actually because of an altercation involving Indian Red Boy’s gang affiliations and a woman he was seeing.

“He went and pulled up on the same female. I’m not saying she set him up, but the Rolling ’60s had nothing to do with that man getting killed,” the insider said.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department said Indian Red Boy was already dead when they arrived at the crime scene in Hawthorne, California.

“It appears to have been a walk-up shooting, and he appears to have been targeted,” Ti Goetz, a local police lieutenant, told the Daily Breeze.

Authorities are still searching for the suspect who is responsible for the shooting and are reviewing video systems in the area.

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