Indonesia: a sex slave locked up for 15 years in a cave

A shaman 83-year-old has been arrested in Indonesia for having abducted a teenage girl locked up for 15 years in a cave and raped her, the man supposedly possessed by the spirit of the little imaginary friend of his victim, announced on Wednesday the local police. At today’s 28-year-old, the victim was discovered traumatized Sunday in a crevice of the mountain in the village of Bajugan, in the central Celebes (Sulawesi).

His disappearance had been reported for the first time in 2003, when she was 13 years old and had just been to visit the shaman – sage supposed to heal the souls, to cure a disease. The man lives near the parents of the girl. The father of the victim had reported the disappearance of her daughter to the police. He then spent years searching in vain. The shaman, whose son is married to the sister of the victim, had told the family that their daughter was gone far away and would not return.

The victim was “upset,”

“Every day, for years, the shaman, called “Jago”, raped her, claiming that he was possessed by a male spirit”, said to AFP the director of the local police, Iqbal Alqudusy. The victim will follow a therapy to heal his trauma: “she is deeply upset, she is afraid of people and wants to go back in the cave”, he added.

The discovery was made after the revelations of the daughter-in-law of a shaman, who explained that it was holding the woman in a cave not far from the village. She was shut up by the shaman who would take him for the night in a hut close to the breach. The suspect was arrested at his home and faces up to 15 years in prison, according to police. Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia with a muslim majority and where the superstitions are widely prevalent in the society.

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