Indra Nooyi, the patron star of PepsiCo, goes

Symbols. The career at Pepsi Indra Nooyi has lasted 24 years. His appointment as patron, in 2006, was symbolic : the first woman to hold this post, and also the first to not be born on american soil. After growing up in India, first to Madras and then to Calcutta, where she was a graduate of the institute of Management, she came to Yale university in the Connectitut in 1978.

+80%. During the 12 years spent at the head of PepsiCo, she has made progress in the turnover of 80%. The american giant, the great rival of Coke, now 263 000 employees, is worth $ 138 billion dollars in the stock market and includes dozens of well-known brands including Pepsi, Lays, Gatorade or Mountain Dew. It will be replaced by Ramon Laguarta.

“Having grown up in India, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to lead an extraordinary company such as PepsiCo. Be at the head of this company was the honor of my life. We have had more significant impact on the lives of people that I never would have believed it possible,” she tweeted Monday.

Polemics. His comments have sometimes triggered controversy, as at the beginning of the year, when she said, consider creating different versions of Doritos chips for men and for women, based on the principle that the past didn’t make noise in eating in public…

“Tired physically”

Pro-Clinton. His support for Hillary Clinton during the campaign and his statements after the election of Donald Trump where she was worried for the safety of its employees who are not white or heterosexual did not prevent him to sit on the committee of economic council of the republican until its dissolution by the president of the United States.

Fatigue. This mother of two children explained to the “New York Times” to leave his post in particular because she wanted to spend more time with his mother, 86-year-old : “I have reached the point where I’m tired physically, and my family began to demand that I spend more time with it”.

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