#Inmyfeelingschallenge : the challenge dance was inspired by Drake

Users lambda, passing by Will Smith, Millie Bobby Brown, and DJ Khaled, all the world has succumbed to the #Inmyfeelingschallenge. Decryption.

Distribute money to strangers in the street for God’s plan, perform dance frenzied in Hotline Bling, Drake is the king of buzz. But this time it is without his knowledge that one of his music has become viral. In fact, for several days its hit In my feelings, taken from his latest album Scorpion, the buzz on the social networks.

And to cause the instagrammeur american The Shiggy Show is inspired by the lyrics of the song to create a choreography. On Instagram he shared a video in which he dances – or “was the shiggy” as he calls it – in the street, and performs movements perfectly synchronized and in agreement with the words of Drake. For example, when the rapper sings “Kiki, do you love me ?” he made a heart with his hands and “is it that you’re going ?”, it is a movement of driving.

A simple choreography that turned into a challenge.

After the Mannequin Challenge and the Despacito Challenge this is the In my feelings challenge that has invaded the internet. In fact, since the end of the month of June, we found almost 185 000 videos Instagram related to the #hashtags InMyFeelingsChallenge and #DoTheShiggy. And the buzz is such that even stars such as Will Smith -who climbed a bridge Hungarian to make his video, Millie Bobby Brown and his partner in Stranger Things Noah Schnapp, the singer Ciara, Kevin Hart, or the star of the series Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell has also taken over the famous dance step. Moreover, according to the american media, Drake would have in turn inspired by the challenge to the clip of his song.

But as with any trend, and above all challenge born on Instagram it’s a bit degenerated. Indeed some people are doing this choreography in the middle of a motorway or while they are driving. Yes, they are taking this challenge but it remains cautious. The edge of the pool like DJ Khaled or the singer Tinashe this will do the trick.


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