Insatiable : the new series, Alyssa Milano is accused of making fun of overweight people

“Insatiable”, a new series from Netflix, is accused of making fun of overweight people and a petition asking for its withdrawal had already collected more than 120,000 signatures on Tuesday. The series, which will be available on the streaming website from the 10th of August, with Alyssa Milano, Debby Ryan, brings to the stage a teenage girl obese laughing stock of his high school classmates. Become skinny, she only dreams of one thing: revenge. The petition asserts that the series encourages young women to “assess their value from their bodies” and “to perpetuate not only the toxicity of the culture of regimes, but also the objectification of the female body”. “We still have time to cancel this series, which plays on the insecurities of young girls who think that to be happy and worth something, it is necessary to lose weight”.

The main actress goes up to the niche

The main actress Debby Ryan has defended the series on his account Instagram. “As a person for whom the manner in which the body, particularly those of women, are mocked or policés, I was excited at the idea of working on “Insatiable”, because it is a series, which address these issues through satire,” responded Debby Ryan, who talks about “12 years of struggle with the image of his body, which took me into areas of terrible where I never want to go”.


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The appeal of the series she is “pointing the finger at those who harass and say, “we can’t do it””, she adds. His character undergoes a physical transformation, but that does not make it happy. We do not do it to shame the overweight. We want to wear a sharp look on systems dangerous and inadequate, which put on an equal footing slimming and value,” she continued, calling to watch the series before judging it.

The spokesman for Netflix did not respond in the immediate future to requests for comment from AFP. The giant of the streaming had already been the subject of controversy in recent months for another of her series, “13 Reasons Why”, which has been accused of encouraging suicide among adolescents.

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