Inside Britain’s ‘most unusual pub’ that boasts a six-foot Minotaur and a giant horse and carriage entrance

WELCOME to Britain’s ‘most unusual pub’ where locals are greeted to a Tutankhamun statue and a six-foot Minotaur.

Situated in Sourton, Devon, The Highwayman Inn has stood on the same plot of land since 1282.

Welcome to Britain’s ‘most unusual pub’ situated in Devon
SWNS:South West News Service
Patrons are greeted with a six-foot Minotaur inside
SWNS:South West News Service

It is now in the hands of Sally Thompson who inherited the pub from her father, Buster, in 1959.

In an attempt to try and draw more people into the establishment, Buster launched a staggering transformation both inside and out with a unique Gothic fashion.

Approaching the 13th century building, patrons need to enter through a giant pink horse and carriage with a statue of a noble steed on top.

It gets much weirder inside with hundreds of unique and old artefacts that shower the walls and ceilings.

Standing underneath the impressive Tudor beams is a gold Tutankhamun statue and around the corner customers are warned not to approach a huge Minotaur.

Perched between the stone walls, the Minotaur – a monster with a human body but the head of a bull – is bathed in green light and covered in armour.

Sally, 64, told the Daily Mail: “There are stone walls and big doors that open on to parlours, one of which has a sailing galleon, in that room there is a sea monster that sways towards you.

“There are other doors towards other rooms, each filled with things – one has a 6ft minotaur inside.”

The two oak bars took seven hours to cut from a tree in a local wood but the ends are “squiffy” because the workers were paid with alcohol.

There is also a crystal tree, a large skeleton, an antique fruit machine and countless lanterns.

Hundreds of artefacts are wedged inside the 13th century building
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A towering Tutankhamun statue lurks around one of the corners
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SWNS:South West News Service

Sally’s father, Buster, spent around 40 years decorating the ancient building[/caption]

On the wall outside is a painting of a an old highwayman.

Sally continued: “My father uncovered the original stonework and beams which had been hidden.

“They wanted to get people to come here so he started making it look a bit different and he got completely carried away.

“He had a very Gothic imagination and used to stockpile artefacts. They had lots of fun doing it; the locals still think we’re potty.

“It’s the most unusual pub in the UK, it’s very surreal. It’s unique, you have to see it to believe it, really.

“It’s an old building to begin with, my father had been working here since 1959 and finished in 1999.

“He worked ceaselessly and it’s filled with his Gothic imagination.”

The oak bar was made from a tree in a nearby wood
SWNS:South West News Service
The Highwayman Inn has been crowned Britain’s ‘most unusual pub’
SWNS:South West News Service
The pub is now owned by Sally and she runs it with her husband Bruce
SWNS:South West News Service
A retro fruit machine occupies one of the corners of the pub
SWNS:South West News Service
Who can forget the skeleton that stands in the bar area
SWNS:South West News Service
A picture of a Highwayman is painted on the wall outside
SWNS:South West News Service


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