Inside Morocco beheading suspect’s squalid home as cops continue search for ‘jealous, hunting-obsessed jihadi’

NINE more suspects have been arrested in Morocco in the hunt for the ISIS cell responsible for the beheading of two Scandinavian hikers.

It comes after four suspects were detained in the gruesome killings which took place in the early hours of Monday, bringing the total arrests to 13.

The dilapidated house of Younes Ouaziad, one of four men held over the murders of two Scandinavian women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

The arrests took place in the capital Marrakesh, Essaouira, Sidi Bennour, Tangier and Ait Baha.

In the raids cops seized an unlicensed hunting rifle, binoculars, torches, a telescope, military vests and materials for manufacturing a bomb.

The events seem to confirm fears the attack was planned by a wider Isis network operating across the country, which hasn’t seen a terror attack on westerners since 2011.

Meanwhile pictures have revealed the squalid house of one of the terror suspects accused of the Scandinavian women’s murders.

Younes Ouaziad pictured during his arrest on a bus in Morocco
AFP or licensors
The illiterate and unemployed father-of-one recently turned to radical Islam and was ‘brainwashed’ by his ISIS handlers

Photos show the rundown home of Younes Ouaziad, one of four held over the killings of Dane Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, and Norwegian Maren Ueland, 28, in the Atlas Mountains.

Family of the suspect say the 26-year-old, who lived in dire conditions at his father’s house in Marrakesh, had repeatedly refused to get a job – even after his wife had a miscarriage.

The hunting obsessed Ouaziad became intensely jealous of his wife after he turned to religion, his spouse said, forbidding her from leaving the house alone.

Illiterate and unemployed Ouaziad became “brainwashed” by ISIS, his brother said.

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark
Norwegian Maren Ueland, 28, was killed alongside her friend

Arrested on a bus with three others yesterday, father-of-one Ouaziad lived at the property along with his wife, daughter, sister and baby.

Speaking at their home, his family and friends expressed their shock, painting a picture of a devoted family man chronically workshy and vulnerable to radicalisation.

His father said: “On Sunday night, police came to my house to investigate. I swear on my daughter, I was so shocked that I couldn’t stand up on my legs. My wife has not left her bed since it happened.

“You can ask all the neighbours, my son was a good boy and nice to everybody. He always prayed on time and treated people well. I just don’t know who brainwashed him.”

Ouaziad’s wife, who chose not to be named, speaking to Moroccan press from the suspect’s home

His wife, who asked not to be named, said that the only problems in the marriage were that Mr Ouaziad refused to work and was jealous of her.

She said: “We were always fighting because he refused to get a job. Also, he doesn’t let me go out. I don’t have the right to go out alone.

“If I want to go out, he has to be with me. Wherever I want to go, whatever I want to do, he has to be with me.

“He isn’t even that religious. He is just jealous, that’s it. I’ve never seen him being abnormally religious. He was praying the same as everybody else.

Ouaziad’s father described how his son asked him for a blessing before leaving to allegedly commit the grisly murder

“But we have been married for four years and he’s never treated me terribly. What happened shocked me. It destroyed us.”

In an interview yesterday, she revealed that Mr Ouaziad was an obsessive hunter and refused to find work even after she had a miscarriage.

a fifth suspect was arrested by Moroccan counter-terror police investigating the beheading of two Scandinavian hikers in the Atlas Mountains.

The man, identified as father-of-six Abd el Atif, 50, supplied wood to one of the four suspects currently in custody, who worked as a carpenter.

The squalid property was where Ouaziad’s wife was forced to remain indoors, restricted by her husband to go outside

He was snatched by heavily armed police at his workshop last night and bundled into a van before being driven away.

Abd el Atif is a devout Muslim who never made eye contact with women when he worked in their houses, one of his neighbours said.

But his wife and one of his daughters, who did not want to be named, claimed that he was innocent and lived a simple life.

“I was married to him since I was 15 and I’m now 41. He was always nice, there was never anything bad about him,’ his wife, who was dressed in a full niqab, said. ‘He was just supplying wood to the suspect.”

His daughter, dressed in a beige niqab, added: “He is a good man. We were shocked when they came to arrest him. He was working in his shop. Now we are worried that they might arrest my brother too.

“My brother is out of town. We are all very worried about him.”

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