Inside the Summer House cast’s massive Hamptons mansion featuring a tennis court & pool

THE cast of Summer House gave a tour of their massive Hamptons mansion.

The luxurious home features a tennis court, pool and more.


The cast of The Summer House gave a tour of their mansion[/caption]


The luxurious home is located in the Hamptons[/caption]


The house features multiple bedrooms for the cast[/caption]


The cast get to enjoy a tennis court, pool and more on the property[/caption]

In a new video of Bravo Insider, Summer House stars Hannah Berner and Paige Desboro showed off the mansion they share with their housemates.

After welcoming the viewers inside, the women showed off their grand foyer.

A larger rectangular table was placed in the center of the room, which was decorated with houseplants, a bowl of shells and books.

They then went downstairs to show off Lindsay Hubbard’s bedroom.

Stephen McGee sat at a simple desk, which had a clear circular container holding scissors and pens sitting near hit laptop.


Hannah and Paige led the tour[/caption]


They showed off Lindsay’s simple bedroom[/caption]


Carl shared a ‘secret’ about his room[/caption]

Lindsay sat on her white and grey striped bed, which was covered with a number of large pillows.

Matching paintings covered the white walls, while a flat screen television was placed above the desk.

The room led out to a patio with chairs.

Hannah and Paige then made their way to Carl Radke’s room, which included a blue bedspread, two nightstands with matching lamps placed on both sides of the bed and a blue ergonomic chair placed in front of a desk with a glass top.

The room was pulled together with a photo of a sunset over the water, which Carl placed over one of the nightstands.

Carl shared “the biggest secret” about the room, which is that he hides snacks in one of the nightstand drawers.


The home includes a large kitchen[/caption]


The women entered ‘Loverboy Headquarters’[/caption]


Hannah called the bathroom ‘dope[/caption]


The women are fans of the bathtub[/caption]

After briefly showing off a luxurious chandelier in the living room, the girls visited Danielle Olivera’s room.

Danielle sat at in a white chair in front of her simple desk, while the room also had a flat screen TV mounted on the wall and included a pale yellow bedspread.

The living room features large gray couches that are topped with colorful pillows.

Paige next led Hannah to Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke’s room, which they dubbed “Loverboy Headquarters.”

A Loverboy can sat on top of a desk in the room, while the bedroom was also decorated with a potted plant, dark gray rug, a white bedspread and a large gray headboard.


Ciara works on a balcony[/caption]


The living room features multiple sitting options[/caption]


The house also boasts a large kitchen[/caption]

The girls then gave a look into their “dope” bathroom, which features a large white bathtub, open windows and a shower.

They made their way onto the balcony where new castmember Ciara Miller was working.

The space was filled with a couch and glass table that had a potted plant set on top of it.


Paige showed off her bright bedroom[/caption]


She also shared a glimpse into her ‘closet’[/caption]

After giving a glimpse of the house’s large pool with a number of floats, the women showed off the spacious kitchen that includes a large white table, a pantry area, stainless steel appliances and many drinking options.

Moving downstairs, they showed Hannah’s room that includes an unorganized clothing rack, a light blue bedspread and white bedside tables.


The cast can also play ping pong inside[/caption]

Paige’s room was brighter with a yellow bedspread, a gray couch, two white bedside tables and lights that match the cheerful bedding.

She also gave a glimpse into her “closet,” which is an organized clothing rack and has multiple shoes sitting near the end of her bed.

After showing off the house’s ping-pong table, the girls moved outside to show off their pool.

The other castmates stood on their individual balconies as Paige and Hannah said goodbye to the Bravo viewers.


The tour concluded with a look at the pool[/caption] Link

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