Insolation : how to recognize the symptoms ?

A sunstroke, that is what it is ?

A sunstroke is a heat stroke due to prolonged exposure to the sun. It affects particularly children and the elderly. One speaks of heat stroke when the body temperature is more regulated, and that the latter is found in hyperthermia. When the first signs of sunburn are visible, it is necessary to act very quickly because an exposure unit can be life-threatening if it is not taken care of promptly.

What are the symptoms of a sunstroke ?

Heat stroke is usually indicated by visible symptoms , but sometimes have also been serious consequences in-house. Here is the list of symptoms :

• redness of the face, head very hot

• vertigo

• dehydration

• cramps

• headache

• nausea, or vomiting

• state of drowsiness

• ringing in the ears

• tachycardia

• acceleration of the breathing

• reduction of the voltage

What to do in case of insolation ?

The first thing to do in case of sunstroke is to lower the temperature of the person. Lie the in an environment that is shaded, and, especially, airy. Think about it, giving him a drink but be careful : the water must not be icy under pain of thermal shock with the body. Let him drink of the water temperature asbestos in small sips. You can also use a cloth or a wet towel to lower the temperature : place it on the forehead, the nape of the neck and the neck, you are able to refresh the person.

It is also possible that the sufferer has difficulties to breathe normally : if you can, go near a fan close to it before that fresh air reached him more easily… Finally, the strokes of the hot can be scary to the person who feels really bad : try to the maximum calm in order that it regains their senses. Please do not hesitate to call the er if the symptoms are very important : a hospital stay may be necessary depending on the degree of insolation of the patient.

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