INTERNETTING with amanda hess: Dogs Took Over the Internet. Our Souls Are at Stake.


INTERNETTING with amanda hess

Dogs are order. Cats are chaos. Dogs are loyal and compliant. Cats are … not. Why has the web all of the sudden switched its allegiance? Episode 1 of our video collection.

Amanda Hess

  • July 30, 2018
Dogs are order. Cats are chaos. Dogs are loyal and compliant. Cats are … not. Why has the web all of the sudden switched its allegiance?Published OnJuly 30, 2018

I’m a buddy to all web animals. The excitable turtle who head-butts the aquarium glass. The attractive sloth who embarks on a slow aquatic journey in the hunt for a mate. The elusive Utah “goat-man” who clothes as a goat and lives among a wild herd. All are welcome on my feeds.

But amid this idyllic on-line menagerie, a rivalry is brewing.

It was once that the home cat was the unqualified mascot of being on-line. But recently, canine are taking up. In viral memes and YouTube movies, cats are slinking into the background. In their place, very good boys abound. It all quantities to an cute existential disaster for web tradition.

In their platonic on-line varieties, cats are individualistic, aloof, extraordinarily spooky. Dogs are loyal, happy-go-lucky, not very spooky at all. Cats gaze impassively as the world burns. Dogs at all times appear to be they’re smiling. Cats are entropy. Dogs are order. (Also: Cats are women and canine are boys.)

What does it imply that the web has switched its animal allegiance? We examine in the first episode of the second season of “Internetting.”

Three instances throughout the season, we’ll be answering your questions over on our YouTube channel. Share your deepest, darkest web quandaries at

Episode Notes

Keen observers of the critternet have been charting the rise of canine and the downfall of cats for months, every proffering their very own theories about the energy battle. The Outline’s Owen Phillips has called it “a byproduct of the shifting demographics of the internet” from nerdy cat individuals to mainstream canine varieties. The BBC’s Dave Lee posited that canine provide “a much needed diversion from the humorless drudgery that makes up much of the modern social web.” And Salon’s Keith Spencer places the blame squarely on President Trump, “the big orange tabby — er, politician — in the room.” Me-ow.

For these simply in it for the fur, right here’s a information to web stalking the pets featured on this episode: The Instagram pages of Maru the canine and Maru the cat; the Facebook presence of Lil Bub; the Instagram account Rosie the “adventure cat” shares with her fixed companion Lilo the Husky (a borderline crime towards nature); Twitter’s WeRateDogs and Black Metal Cats; the Instagram pages of Marnie the Dog, Menswear Dog, and Doug the Pug; and the cat massage lady video. Now, steal away with me to this Japanese island dominated by cats.

Cats are higher than canine,


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Amanda Hess is a critic-at-large. She writes about web tradition for the Arts part and contributes often to The New York Times Magazine. She has written for such publications as Slate, ESPN the Magazine, Elle and Pacific Standard. @amandahess Facebook



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  1. Good looking but Frankie is better

    By Andy. Posted mars 29 2009 at 9:55 AM.

    rochelle has big nostrils, a big forehead and a horsey smile but a fit body. mollie looks like sienna miller gone wrong. i like the other 3 especially vanessa, who has an amazing voice. frankie’s hair looks so cool.
    good luck to them!

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