Interview of the summer – Amélie de Montchalin : “Zero alcohol, aside from champagne”

Paris Match. Brigitte and Emmanuel ?
Amélie de Montchalin. The two of them. Behind a man or a woman politician, it is his or her spouse. We often forget that we need a lot of support in his personal life.

Zidane or Deschamps ?
Deschamps, because he is the true captain of his team. It is a leader who has been able to create a collective and demonstrate a true humility. It fades behind the result. I also like the way he chose the players, not only for their technical qualities, but also because they are of sound mind.

Trump or Putin ?
Neither the one nor the other. These are two men of excess who play with the fears of their fellow citizens to increase their power.

Meghan or Kate ?
Rather Meghan, because its course is more unexpected. This actress mestizo american takes on the codes of the british monarchy, but says he wanted to remain free.

Vegetarian or side of beef ?
Prime rib of beef if it is excellent. But in everyday life, it is a lot of vegetables. I come from a family of farmers, I shall pay a particular attention to the origin of the products.

Atlantic or the Mediterranean ?
The Mediterranean sea because I prefer when the water is warm for swimming ! That said, we’re going rather in the Côtes d’armor for landscapes, wide open spaces and the fact that there are less people.

Rosé or Spritz ?
Zero alcohol. Apart from the champagne to celebrate great things or good times with family.

PMA or GPA ?
A lot of love. The PMA is used by many couples facing infertility, that causes a lot of suffering. Then, you need to choose up to what age, at what price…

Versailles or Chambord ?
Having been a part of my education at Versailles, this is where I have memories. But both illustrate a certain megalomania and French are indicative of their era and the desire to influence the world beyond the borders.

Spotify or Deezer ?
Spotify. I spend my playlists according to the mood of the moment in my electric car, this airlock of serenity between the Assembly and my riding.

Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande ?
I wanted to vote for both and I’ve participated in the campaign of the first, in 2007, working to Valérie Pécresse.

“The Voice” or “Top chef” ?
“Top chef” even if, since the election, I cook a lot less. I don’t have time anymore. I took advantage of the holidays for my three children to finally redo a crumble with rhubarb.

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Tintin or Asterix ?
The adventures of Tintin, which I read to my children for their sweetness, humor, and zest for exploration.

“Game of Thrones” or “Grey’s Anatomy” ?
“The Americans”, which tells the life of a couple of Russian spies that infiltrated the United States in the 1980s. But also “The office of the legends” and “black Baron”, whose screenplay was freely inspired by the practices of the PS in the Essonne, where is my constituency… It reminds me of the memories.

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