Interview of Vincent, a member of, a site where you earn money by selling your documents

One of my readers contacted me a few months ago to tell me how he had to earn money by publishing documents online. Neither one, nor two, I decided to interview them so that you too can do the same : earn money by providing your documents online (essays, comments, etc)

Before we begin, can you introduce yourself to the readers of ABC Money ?

Of course ! I’m Vincent, I’m currently 26 years old and am in the paris region. After a bachelor’s degree in literature, I spent a ba in history in college, before I face the world of work for some time. After which, I completed a master’s degree oriented information / communication and marketing.

How did you come up with the idea of selling your papers online ?

Since the college and especially high school, I accumulated several assignments, term papers, and other records of readings done by hand. The year of the bac, the writings are multiplied (essays, memoirs, reading logs, comments, texts, course reports, etc) and even more years post-bac, at the university. I asked myself how I could monetize all these duties. And I started looking for sites to sell my documents. It was then that I discovered (the site formerly known as and then

How does ? What services are offered on the site ? is a platform linking sellers of online documents (those that publish) and buyers (those who visit). The site thus allows to receive additional income by publishing documents on the platform. The principle : as the author, you rédiges and published documents and you earn some euros. The more you publish, the more you are paid !

raisons vendre ses documents

And one, two, and three good reasons to publish your documents on !

The site is a real good plan to ensure a source of additional income, and also to work from home at home.

Anyone can publish documents on ? Are there any conditions ?

Everybody can publish on, and not students or ex-students ! Only one condition : that you be the author ! The registration is free.

Appointment to begin to publish :

What types of documents can we provide ?

There’s something for all tastes ! You can propose all types of documents : sheets, readings, courses, dissertations, reviews, presentations, analyses, papers, studies, etc, And your documents can be addressed at different levels, from college up to the university, passing by the high school and the graduation year.

The site aims to cover all fields of knowledge (law, diy, dance, medicine, etc) and accepts of course materials to other materials : accounting, management and management, economy, administration and politics, history and geography, marketing and brands, materials science and technology, media and arts, miscellaneous, philosophy, and literary things, human and social sciences.

If your document does not fit into an existing category on the site, no problem : will create it especially for you !

The subject is never imposed. Like a true author, to you to make your choice. accepts the documents with the extensions .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .htm.

The document must be more than one page, single-spaced.

How to publish documents? How are they validated ?

To publish to, it is necessary that you bear on this page to send documents (word, pdf, powerpoint, etc) to the reading committee.

It will read back then, can you propose to improve them slightly before putting them online. Your documents will then be consulted by visitors and subscribers who will have access to at any time pay.

The website you will donate in exchange for 2 types of gains for each published document :

  • a fixed compensation paid for each document, up to 12,50 € (including the premium sponsor plus 2.5 € per document by sending your documents from this link : – referrer code 0a1c68) ;
  • the royalties of consultation (variable part) up to 25 %.

It is you who choose your type of compensation ! (see below)

options rémunération variable Docsschool

You can choose your mode of payment from several options.

At the beginning, what have you done to publicize your documents ? I imagine it is not easy to stand out ?

Well, I’m specialized ! This is what has made the difference.

Among the other strengths necessary to be a good author, there are, in my opinion, the quality of the writing (spelling, content, based, syntax, etc) and also the regularity of publication. The more you publish, the more you earn money !

To publicize its documents, the website has a very good seo. We can, however, take advantage of social media and share links to publications on Facebook, Twitter, etc, blogs, or even by mouth-to-ear !

Come to what really interests my readers How much money did you earned with this site ? How much time passes you each day or each week ?

My income on are variable from month to month. In the month of January, I sent 10 documents that had been accepted which made me a fixed income of 125 € (10 times 12,50 €), of which the premium 1st consultation.

In addition, I also received royalties (the variable part following the consultation of the documents that I offer on the site or its platforms studies-and-analyses, pimido, etc) equivalent to 102,61 € for January.

tableau de bord Docsschool

You’ll find your statistics and your remuneration is variable on this dashboard. reverse the gains via Paypal without fees (it is my case) or by bank transfer, your choice. You can request a payout once your balance has reached a minimum of € 20 (very fast achieved you’ll see !)

For the time, hard to say, but I think I spend on average about 5 hours per week for writing documents. But this can vary, be more or less depending on the period, the type of document, if it is already in manuscript, etc

Are there other sites of the same style ? Why did you choose to and not another ?

To my knowledge, there are other sites of the same style, but in my opinion less reliable and less well-known on the market. has a strong network of several specialized websites (, pimido,, etc) in addition to being an excellent visibility on the net, which makes its strength !

In addition, the committee read on the site is always very responsive and attentive to the messages of the contributors. Finally, the compensation is handled, and very fast.

I imagine that the competition is fierce. What advice would you give to my readers to enable them to earn a little money with this site ?

Publish regularly and be persistent !

It may happen that some of the first documents that we send to are retoqués and that the reading committee you propose to make improvements. In this case, do not hesitate to edit, and then returned to the document with annotations, there are strong chances that it is accepted by the suite !

Also publishes as possible of the documents, in order to increase your royalties. You can also sponsor your tower, or even share your documents on social networks from an affiliate link.

Finally, do not hesitate to send themes specialty, which will give your documents an extra value and you will earn more money.

And to finish, will earn you the extra money in another way ? My readers love to know what works !

Yes, I can get other supplements to income , but say that it is more at the margin and this is done under another form of compensation. Among my other activities, there are :

  • the paid surveys (which provide vouchers, gifts, etc)
  • the sponsoring (bank, phone, website, etc)
  • the sale of used items on multiple sites (leboncoin, PriceMinister, etc)

These are of course other ways to spend less (and therefore earn more), or dispose of objects in exchange for money, and it works pretty well ! I would be happy to tell you more if readers are interested 😉

That is, the article is nearing its end. I imagine that you are already register on the site, but if this is not yet the case, vas-y, fonce ! And if you win money in an original way, come discuss it with me or leave me a comment and I will be happy to interview you !

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