Iranian hookers sell ‘three minute Halal marriages’ so they can legally have sex with punters

IRANIAN prostitutes are selling ‘Halal marriages’ lasting a few minutes to single and divorced men – to avoid breaking Sharia law.

In conservative Iran, Shiite Muslims can get up to 100 lashes, often carried out in public, for sex out of wedlock.

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Iranian men are buying ‘Halal marriages’ that allow them to have sex outside of wedlock[/caption]

As a way of getting round this, punters pay for temporary marriages to be set up between themselves and one or more (it is legal to have up to four wives in Iran) prostitutes.

This means they do not break strict marriage laws when pursuing this loophole.

News website Vocativ gained access to online chat rooms and Instagram accounts where women sell themselves for between one hour and one month.

Social media has allowed the phenomenon to spread and become more popular, as men can be matched with prostitutes within minutes.

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Women sell themselves on sex sites for between one hour and one month[/caption]

For each ‘marriage’ the groom must pay an agreed sum to his short-term wife. The duration of this is set out in the marriage contract.

The marriage can technically last up to several years, which could lead to further complications concerning modern-day slavery.

When the time is up, the woman must wait two menstrual periods before marrying again.

A website called Hafezoon allows men to match with a wide selection of ‘brides’.

Men can boost their status on the website by boasting about the price of their car, as vehicles are important status symbols in the country.


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