Ireland : a vestige of the Second world War revealed by fire

A remnant of the Second world War, which had been forgotten by time, has been revealed by a fire. The air corps of ireland has announced on its Twitter account that an inscription dating back to the 1940s had been sighted in the vicinity of Bray Head, the summit of the Wicklow mountains, which rises to 241 metres above sea level in Ireland. On images revealed by the Garda Síochána, one could distinguish the word “EIRE” in the middle of the forest area burned in the flames.

This term, which means “Ireland” in irish gaelic, was wisely written with the help of stones and affixed to the ground, so that the Allied bombers as the Nazis know that they were well in Ireland and not in Britain. As well, the Irish could be sure of not receiving a bomb on their territory. According to the Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE), cited by CBS, these inscriptions the stones were relatively common on the west coast of the country, but not on the east coast where he was doing the discovery.

The flames controlled

The fire, which has spread to a few miles south of Dublin because of the heat wave that is currently hitting Europe, has ravaged areas of the county of Wicklow, forcing the evacuation of several homes. The flames were eventually brought under control by the seaplanes.

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