Irish border WILL remain open even in a No Deal Brexit

THE IRISH border will remain open even in a No Deal Brexit, it was confirmed today.

No matter what happens with Brexit in the coming weeks, the Irish government said that free travel between the North and South would “continue in all circumstances”.

Mr Raab believes that with new technology and good will, the Irish border problem can be solved
The Irish border has been one of the trickiest issues in Brexit talks
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Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney made the admission as MPs were preparing to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

While all eyes were on Westminster, he said the planning for no deal was continuing.

He said this evening: “I updated the Cabinet on developments with our Common Travel Area, which will continue in all circumstances.”

And he added: “A no-deal Brexit will have a significant impact on Ireland – these measures being taken by the Government are designed to limit the damage.

“It remains our view that the only way to secure an orderly withdrawal is to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement.”

Theresa May has said it was never her intention to put up a border on the island of Ireland.

It could spark a return to violence, would harm businesses on either side of the border, and would make travelling from North to South incredibly difficult.

But the Irish Government has confirmed there’s no need to worry as they will continue to let people travel across the border from the EU to Great Britain in the event we left without an agreement.

More plans will be unveiled in March, it was also revealed.

Theresa May looks at tech to solve Irish border problem in a bid to win Tory support
Theresa May has said she would not put up a hard border in Ireland
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A statement issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs this evening conirmed that both the Irish and British governments have committed to maintaining the Common Travel Area (CTA) arrangement between the two countries.

“Neither Irish citizens in the UK nor British citizens in Ireland are required to take any action to protect their status and rights associated with the CTA,” it said.

“After the UK leaves the EU, both Irish citizens in the UK and British citizens in Ireland will continue to enjoy these rights.

“Both governments have committed to undertaking all the work necessary, including through legislative provision, to ensure that the agreed CTA rights and privileges are protected.”

The news will be a boost to MPs who want us to forget about Mrs May’s botched Brexit deal and leave with nothing at all.

Boris Johnson and a whole host of other Brexiteers want us to abandon hope of securing a good deal with the bloc and go on to trading onto World Trade Organisation terms.

But the PM has warned that No Deal would lead to the break up of the UK – as Ireland would try and seek unification, and Scotland would try and break away with another independence vote.

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