Is it safe to travel to the UAE? New advice after Boeing passenger jet crashes in Iran amid escalating tensions with US

TOURISTS heading to the UAE should “remain vigilant” as tensions reach a critical level between the US and Iran following last night’s missile attack and passenger plane crash.

The Foreign Office have updated their latest travel advice for tourists visiting and living in the UAE.

A missile attack and passenger plane crash has increased tensions between the US and Iran
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A missile attack and passenger plane crash has increased tensions between the US and Iran[/caption]

The latest warning from the government states: “Following the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a US strike in Baghdad on 3 January, the incident has led to increased tensions in the region.

“There is a possibility of an increased threat against Western interests and the security situation could worsen with little warning.

“You should remain vigilant and keep up to date with the latest developments, including via the media.”

Cruise companies have also been issuing advisories for travellers travelling through the UAE.

A Celebrity Cruise spokesperson told World of Cruising: “Our Global Security teams continue to monitor the situation in the region and are working closely with authorities to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and crew, which remains our highest priority.

“We are communicating directly with our guests and will advise them if any schedule changes become necessary.”

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) added that they were “coordinating closely with international, national and local law enforcement agencies”.

UAE travellers and expats are warned to "remain vigilant"

UAE travellers and expats are warned to “remain vigilant”[/caption]

Last year, P&O cancelled all cruises to Dubai after fears they could be targeted due to tensions between the country and Iran.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) have advised US tourists to “exercise normal precautions in the UAE”.

Tensions remain high in a number of countries including Turkey and Egypt as well, following fears of reprisals against tourists.

Protests in Iran have raised concerns that western tourists could be targeted.

A professor has warned westerners to leave the UAE in case of attacks.

Iranian Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran warned the BBC: “If I was a Western citizen I would leave the United Arab Emirates immediately.”

He added: “Not only will Iranian leaders retaliate but also Iraqis will retaliate.”

Terrorist attacks also remain “likely” in the UAE, with a “heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals.”

However, approximately 1.5 million British tourists visit the UAE every year without problems, with cheap holidays and package deals from the UK.

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A bar in Dubai is offering women free drinks – depending on how much they weigh.


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