Is Keanu Taylor dead in EastEnders as Phil Mitchell reveals he won’t be coming back from Spain?

SHARON Mitchell got a shock in EastEnders when her husband Phil returned from Spain without Keanu Taylor who he’d gone out there to rescue.

She looked visibly shaken when Phil revealed her former teen lover might never come back. So has Phil killed him after secretly finding out about their affair? Let’s find out…

Fans have been left wondering if Keanu Taylor is dead

Is Keanu Taylor dead in EastEnders?

We’re not actually sure. It’s unlikely as there’s been no word from either EastEnders or Keanu actor Danny Walters that he’s left for good, but we all know how much our soaps like to surprise us.

Phil headed off to Spain to bring Keanu home after he was sent a photo of him looking badly beaten. The beating came as a warning from Phil’s dodgy associates in Spain.

But some EastEnders fans think that Phil secretly knows about his teen mechanic sleeping with his wife and has bumped him off while he was over in Spain.

And considering Keanu hadn’t called his mum Karen Taylor to tell her he wasn’t coming home, it’s possible that something has happened to him out there.

We know that former Brookside star Paul Usher will be joining the EastEnders cast soon as one of above mentioned dodgy associates, but will he bring news of Keanu’s fate?

Or is the hunky teen really enjoying the sunshine and sangria too much to return to the drizzle and watered-down lager of Walford?


Phil’s wife Sharon has been having an affair with Keanu[/caption]

Will Keanu and Sharon’s affair be exposed?

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out – if Phil doesn’t know already.

Karen knows about Sharon and Keanu’s fling and has threatened to reveal all if her son doesn’t make it home alive.

Last year Danny Walters revealed to The Sun Online that Phil finding out the truth was inevitable.

“There’s a lot at stake and they both know the repercussions and they’re both very aware of what they’re doing.

“There’s still a lot to find out about Keanu with his background and we still don’t know what Keanu is really capable of.

“We do know Phil Mitchell’s reputation but we don’t know Keanu’s reputation in full yet.”

He added: “Keanu is definitely aware of the repercussions, and there are times when he has to think about what could happen to him and their relationship.

“But mainly it’s about what could happen to Sharon. He is in love with Sharon, he’s smitten with her, and when you are in love and when you fall for someone you don’t really think straight sometimes.

Keanu is very emotionally invested in Sharon and so he’s not thinking logically, he’s not thinking straight.”

And as an actor, Danny just wants to do the best job he can – even if it means his character gets killed off.

He said: “All of this stuff is out of our control and as long as the story serves its purpose, then as an actor, that’s all you can really do.

“I never take any script for granted, never take any storyline for granted.”


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