Is Peter Barlow leaving the Rovers Return and who else has been a Coronation Street pub landlord?

PETER Barlow is set to pull his last pint when he splits from Toyah Battersby.

But why exactly is he leaving the Rovers Return? Who else has been a Corrie pub landlord? – Here’s the lowdown…

Peter Barlow Tina Coronation Street
Peter Barlow became the landlord of The Rovers in 2017

Is Peter Barlow leaving the Rovers Return?

Peter Barlow is set to quit his job as pub landlord of the Rovers Return.

He offers to sell his half to Toyah when she reveals the truth about their surrogate Jacqui’s miscarriage.

When he learns the truth he is furious and splits up with Toyah. 

A TV source said: “It’s always a huge moment for Corrie fans when the landlord of the Rovers changes.

“Their decision is a very reluctant one and the scenes are highly charged.

“Peter is so angry with Toyah and she’s very sorry and very teary.”

In an episode aired on 23 July, 2018, Peter Barlow announces that he has sold the pub.

Who else has been a Coronation Street pub landlord?

The Rovers Return has changed hands many times over the years since it first opened in 1902.

Here’s a look back at just a few of the previous owners…

Steve and Liz Mcdonald
Steve and Liz Mcdonald were forced to sell the Rovers
Rex Features

Steve and Liz McDonald

Steve McDonald and his mum Liz were the previous landlords of The Rovers.

They ran the pub from 2013-2017 with Liz’s boyfriend Tony Stewart briefly replacing Steve in 2015.

In 2017 they were forced to sell up in order for Steve to pay for his divorce from Michelle Connor.

They sold to Toyah and Peter despite criticism from Leanne Battersby due to the fact that Peter is a recovering alcoholic.

Jack and Vera Duckworth Coronation Street
Jack and Vera gave up the Rovers when they fell into debt
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Jack and Vera Duckworth

Jack and Vera Duckworth ran the Rovers from 1995-1998.

In 1997 they discovered that they owed £17,000 in taxes so were forced to go into business with Alec Gilroy who conned them into selling half the Rovers to him.

Alec allowed them to continue living in The Rovers and stay on as members of staff.

When Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch) took over the pub in 1998, she evicted the Duckworths who then went on to run a friend’s B&B.

Stella Price Rovers Return Coronation Street
Stella Price was one of Corries fiestiest barmaids
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Stella Price

Stella Price was the Rovers landlady from 2011-2013.

At first she ran the pub with the help of her partner Karl Munro.

In 2012 she took full ownership and kicked him out when she realised he’d been having an affair with Sunita Alahan.

Karl then became jealous of her new relationship with Jason Grimshaw and set fire to the Rovers, murdering Sunita in the process.

Fred Elliot, Vera Duckworth and Bev Unwin in Coronation Street
Fred Elliot was a butcher known for his booming voice
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Fred Elliot

Fred Elliot the butcher was in charge of the Rovers from 2001-2006.

At first he ran the pub with his supposed wife Eve but she was a bigamist who was already married to Ray Skyes.

Fred was set to marry Bev Unwin but on his wedding day he collapsed and died of a stroke.

He had agreed to sell the pub to Steve McDonald but since nothing was finalised on paper it was passed on to his son Ashley Peacock.


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