Is Steve McDonald Emma Brooker’s real dad in Coronation Street? The DNA test is secretly sent off tonight

COBBLES hairdresser Emma Brooker had the shock of her life last week when she discovered that the man who brought her up wasn’t her real dad.

And cabbie Steve McDonald was equally stunned when mum Liz broke the news to him that Emma’s mum is his ex, Fiona Middleton. So is Steve Emma’s real dad? Here’s the tea…

Emma Brooker will find out if she is Steve McDonald’s daughter

Is Steve McDonald Emma Brooker’s real dad in Corrie?

It’s certainly looking that way. Even though Steve doesn’t know for sure yet, he is determined to find out the truth and decides to get a sample of Emma’s DNA which he can send off for testing.

You can make your own mind up about the morality of that.

Steve – who’s played by Simon Gregson in the ITV soap – takes Emma out for lunch with the intention of getting some DNA. As they chat, he pretends she has something in her hair and reaches over to brush it away.

But as he does, he plucks a tuft of hair from her head and, when she heads to the loos, he puts it in a plastic bag, ready to send of for testing.

The truth will be out this week on Coronation Street

When do the results come back?

Steve is set to find out the truth pretty quickly as, later this week, he heads off to Emma’s ‘dad’s’ funeral.

He finds her upset after she’s had a falling out with her brother Morgan. Emma – Alexandra Mardell – is floored when she finds out that Morgan also knew about her paternity situation and didn’t say anything.

When Steve finds a heart-broken Emma he tries to comfort her before dropping the bombshell that he’s her real dad. But how will Emma take the shock news?

According to spoilers for this week, not great. After hearing what Steve has to say and confronting her mum on Skype, Emma packs her bags and decides to call it a day in Weatherfield.

But it’s her new half-sister, Amy, who steps in and tells Steve that he has to stop Emma from leaving.

As Steve and Tracy ponder what to do, Amy tells them they have to find her as she’s family.

Will they get to her in time?


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