Is this making your sun lotion useless? The one thing you should always check on the back of the bottle

BRITAIN is making the most of the sweltering heat wave by basking in the sunshine at any given opportunity.

However, we could all be making a mistake when it comes to protecting ourselves against the heat…

Make sure you check the back of your lotion..
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Why should we be checking the back of the bottle?

If you grab an old bottle of sun cream from the back of the cupboard, make sure you turn it over and check the expiry date.

Sun lotion can last up to three years, according to the Mayo Clinic, but after that the active ingredients deteriorate and it becomes ineffective.

If your cream doesn’t have an expiration date, write down the date you bought it somewhere on the bottle.

If you aren’t checking the expiry date you could be applying sun cream that’s completely ineffective.

What can we do to prevent lotion from ‘going off’?

Also, remember to store your lotion in a cool place.

If you keep it somewhere hot – such as the glove compartment in your car or on a sunny windowsill – the heat will also make the SPF useless, states Women’s Health.

You can tell if your sun cream has expired by checking the smell and texture of it.

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You need to be careful when it comes to SPF[/caption]

If the cream pongs or has started to separate, it’s time to invest in a new bottle.

“If it’s looking different in terms of texture or smell from when you first bought it, then things may not be well with the product,” Dr Mervyn Patterson, from Woodford Medical, told netdoctor.

“In this case, it’s best to simply discard.”

What are the different kinds of SPF on sale?

If you’re after a high SPF cream, Superdrug sell this SPF50 cream for £4.49, and they also have a good face sun cream by Solait for £3.49.

If you need a travel-size sun lotion, Nivea do a 50ml pocket lotion for £3.00.

All about the tan? Piz Buin have a Tan Accelerating Oil Spray for £7.20 on Boots, and they also sell a 50SPF Soltan Kids Stick for only £3.50.

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