Israel latest updates – Hamas fires 1,600 rockets from Gaza ‘as military plans ground invasion’ amid all out war fears

HAMAS has fired 1,600 rockets from Gaza as the Israeli military ‘makes plans for a ground invasion’ in the worst fighting in the area since 2014.

Israel has threatened to invade Gaza and has killed at least 11 Hamas leaders following renewed rocket attacks.

At least 74 people have died in the violence so far including 67 Palestinians and 17 children.

Six Israelis, including two children, have also been killed, medical officials have confirmed.

Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas that it “will pay a heavy price for their belligerence” following a rocket attack on Jerusalem on Monday.

Hamas launched another offensive after a 13-storey residential block in the Gaza Strip collapsed following an Israeli airstrike on Tuesday.

The building housed an office used by the political leadership of Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas.

The escalation in violence followed a decision by Israeli cops to storm a compound at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Violence erupted for a fourth night in a row with many were struck by rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas ahead of a planned Jewish nationalist march.

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