It’s a case of mutts chasing tales for these cute paperbark readers

THESE dogs love paw-ing over a good read.

The puppies are part of the latest viral sensation to sweep the web — owners posting pictures of pets apparently grrrripped by a book.

Lord of the Fleas[/caption]

One pooch in a blue check shirt looks to be enjoying a picture book.

But others, looking suitably studious in their glasses, have gone for more weighty volumes, from Steinbeck to Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

One inventive owner has even found the perfect reading material for their two boxers — a book about the breed.

But it is hard to tell what all of them are reading — something by J.K.Growling, Arthur Canine Doyle or Virginia Woof, perhaps?

Charles Barkowski

This pooch enjoys a relaxing read[/caption]

Paw and Peace

This brave one tries to tackle a classic

Collie-yer Twist

Knuckling down to some heavy reading

Biogwoofy on Boxers

These reading buddies check their own kind out

Hairy Potter

One dog keeps warm whilst he enjoys some light reading[/caption]

The Grapes of Ruff

Reading is tiring work for this pup

Nineteen Eighty Fur

One pup checks out his doppelgänger[/caption]

Keep your enemies close

This dog susses out his rival

Geoffrey Pawcer

This dog checks out his referencing knowledge

The Handmaid’s Tail

One doggo’s making notes as he reads

Karl Barx

This one brushes up on his commercial code


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