ITV Cheat viewers point out TurnItIn app that could have stopped Adam being murdered by Rose and saved Leah from prison

VIEWERS of hit ITV drama Cheat have pointed out that a widely used plagiarism detection service could have prevented the unfortunate events that occurred in the four part series.

They criticised that Turnitin, a website which aims to detect any plagiarised work by university students upon submission, would normally be used to mark student’s work and carry out the correct checks.

Fans have pointed out that Turnitin would have been used in modern universities to stop plagiarism

The drama kicked off when lecturer Leah Dale, played by Katherine Kelly, accused university student Rose Vaughan, played by Molly Windsor, of cheating on her dissertation.

In some of the first scenes from the series, Leah was seen talking to Rose about her submission, but the lecturer changed the mark on Rose’s paper by hand just moments before they were released.

After receiving her failed mark the drama began, as Rose seemed intent on getting her revenge and ultimately ended up murdering Leah’s husband Adam and putting her in prison for the crime.

However, fans of the show have taken to Twitter to point out that all the drama could have been avoided if the university that Rose attended had used the plagiarism technology that is used in most modern universities across the country.

Rose framed Leah for the murder of Adam Dale but was soon jailed for her crimes
Leah’s husband Adam was killed in the four part series

One fan wrote: @itv if that university invested in Turnitin software, this whole debacle needn’t have happened  #Cheat”

Another theorised: “Watching ITV’s #Cheat? I’ve given up: 1 ‘Dissertation’? only one marker? 2 One-to-one with student & no witness 3 No Turnitin? 4 Goes into office, scribbles out 81% & changes it to ‘FAIL’ ??? On a piece of paper – implies – no moderaration, no exam board?”

Another added: “#Cheat is so inaccurate  Did ITV not fancy researching what how universities mark dissertations before they filmed this??”

While a former teacher commented: “Watching #Cheat on @ITV…utter bullshit as they’ve used the word ‘cheating’ to fail her on an assignment… The lecturer wouldn’t fail her, Turnitin (or similar) does a similarity test & it would be plagiarism  so annoying when it’s not accurate #exteacher #getitright

And a fourth joked: “I think all the university lecturers busily hrumphing about the lack of use of plagiarism detection software in #cheat on ITV last night are perhaps missing the plot a bit.”

However, some fans think Rose deliberately cheated in her essay to send Leah into a meltdown.

One viewer took to social media to share a picture of their thoughts on the programme, writing: “I’ve got some thoughts about Cheat.”

The list went on: “Rose deliberately wrote a dodgy essay and kicked up s**t about it to make Leah look insane in order to stop her getting the permanent lecturer position.

“Rose does not want Leah to get position due to tensions between Rose and Michael.

“Rose is aware of Leah’s paranoia and uses it well to her advantage.”

Leah’s father, Michael, cheated on Angela with Rose’s late mother, which is believed to be the reason why the youngster is seeking revenge because her mum committed suicide over the ordeal.

The fan believes Leah is in the firing line because Michael has not shared the family secret with Leah, and because she sees her teacher as an “extension” of her biological dad.

They continued: “Rose may see Leah as an extension of Michael.

Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor played bitter rivals in the ITV drama

“The dishonesty between Adam and Leah along with the revelations about the nature of Rose and Michael’s relationship and the general stress of the situation take Leah to breaking point, she has a complete mental breakdown resulting in Adam’s murder.”

The final episode saw Leah framed and arrested for the murder of her husband Adam, before their father tricked Rose into confessing to his murder.

As the series skipped ahead in time, viewers then discovered Leah had given birth to her son and Rose would be getting out in three months.

Leah then was seen visiting her half sister Rose demanding answers about what happened on the night Adam died.

Rose then confessed to Leah she did murder Adam in cold blood and Ben the porter had helped her cover it up to frame her.

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