Jack Fincham’s ex Ellie Jones claims he will cheat on Dani Dyer outside the Love Island villa after he fails lie detector test

LOVE Island favourite Jack Fincham’s ex Ellie Jones says he’ll cheat on girlfriend Dani Dyer after he failed last night’s lie detector test.

He and Danny Dyer’s daughter fell out after he failed to rule out his “head being turned” outside the villa.

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Love Island favourite Jack Fincham’s ex Ellie Jones says he’ll cheat on girlfriend Dani Dyer[/caption]

His former flame told the Sun’s Bizarre column that was Jack, who had been unfaithful to his only two girlfriends, saying he would cheat but hoped he will not.

Ellie, 22, said: “He shouldn’t have said that. Bad, bad move Jack. You don’t say that to your girlfriend do you?

“If my boyfriend said that to me I’d be p****d off. Because that’s him basically saying, ‘I can cheat but you don’t know about it’.

“You don’t say that to your girlfriend do you?”


Jack failed to rule out his ‘head being turned’ outside the villa during a lie detector test[/caption]


Dani said the question meant the most to her because she had been cheated on before[/caption]


The pair fell out in a rare argument with Dani walking off[/caption]

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Last night’s episode exploded as the boys were asked a series of questions by the girls they were coupled up with whilst being subject to a lie detector test.

Dani, 22, had asked Jack, 26, “could you be tempted by other girls outside the villa”, which he answered no but the detector said he had lied.

She insisted the question was the one that “meant the most to me” as she had been “cheated on and lied to”.

Dani added: “That really has affected me the most because I can’t have that again.

“The loyalty one means the most to me. I’ve taken boys back and they still do the same.”

Despite their relationship being on the ropes, Ellie, who told her love rival she had been messed about by Jack before entering the show, insisted if he is genuine he won’t play away.

But she still planted a seed of doubt.

She said: “If he’s true to his word I think he will be but you never know. I can’t predict the future.

“I hope he doesn’t because they’re so nice.

“If he loves Dani as much as he says he does it shouldn’t be a problem.”


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