I tested an ice bath thanks to the method Wim Hof

“From today on, finish your shower by cold water. “The e-mail to Stephane Janssoone, instructor Wim Hof*, received a week prior to the session, to me, triggers a pang of fear, I who have the habit of turning my bathroom into a steam room. I’ve already sold the idea to the editorial conference, no looking back.

A week of tepid shower later (shhh !), I am lying on a gym treadmill in the presence of the instructor. Wim Hof, a Dutchman nicknamed the” ice Man “, has developed a method that is to submit to extreme temperatures to push the limits and reap the benefits health, including the immune system.

Two hours to tame the cold

Before you plunge into the icy water, it is left for a mental preparation of two hours. We will train to manage our reptilian brain, the one who commands us to flee from the danger (ice water). It begins with the “respiration Wim Hof” : how commando, the coach will guide our breath during the practice of deep inspirations, forming a wave that starts from the belly up to the shoulders by requesting the entire rib cage, and then stay in apnea for as long as possible.

And then passes it on to the easing. Thanks to the breathing, I décoince, and my mind gradually takes control. We end postures of yoga acrobatic that I fear not even to experiment. Fully concentrated, I slipped in a bath at 0 °C.

My mind takes control

Focused on my breath, I manage to dispel the impression of coldness. I feel only the caress of the ice around me and some tingling on the skin due to the bite of the cold. Leaving the session, I feel like Superwoman, able to cross the summits with the sole force of the will. I understand why this method has virtues anti-stress.

The suffering can be read on the faces

In front of the faces grimacing of the other participants, I ask myself : what’s the good of inflicting such a shock, except if I planned to go swimming in the Baltic sea this summer ? However, know to draw of resources in itself to tame the cold weather can be useful in everyday life. I am ready to follow the famous advice to take a cold shower from time to time to enjoy its virtues are the ones. Or even lower a bit my heating next winter…

My verdict

In two hours only, I found in me the strength to overtake me. An amazing experience which I left with an immense sense of pride. Nothing like it to boost his self-confidence.

* Trained instructors in the method Wim Hof on wimhofmethod.com.

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