“Never without my trusty pistol” : the madness of weapons in the United States

Houston, Texas for A short time, I have the impression to be a victim of the sun, which heats the bitumen to more than 40 °C. The man who gets out of his car, cowboy hat screwed on the head with a colt 44 and… a huge smile that freezes as soon as it learns that I am a journalist. Why am I surprised ? It is only applying the Open Carry Law, which allows it to move with a weapon apparent ! “This avoids a lot of problems, me he explains. Believe me, the people are very polite with me… ” It is true. Texans are extremely friendly. And the weapon is part of their daily lives. There is only at the airport that the passengers are invited to part with it to put in the hold…

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In this month of June, this is the Gun Show, fair weapons… in The middle of dozens of stalls, an elderly woman, short and overweight, walks, kalashnikov over the shoulder. The ten deaths of the twenty-second shootout of the year did not seem to disturb fans. The business is booming. You can find anything at the Gun show. Tiny pistol-shot, colt frontier dear John Wayne, M1 semi-automatic from the time of the landing, AR-15 today, the civilian version of the assault rifle of the army, everything is on sale free.

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And we meet all kinds of people : two police officers, a former marine, future marine, a gang leader of Latin and even a young man delicate but displaying his huge colt chrome. He seems to hesitate in front of the sign : food and beverages are prohibited inside, on the contrary, weapons that are welcome… Reassured, he between. A young Latino shows on its back a series of tattoos of bullets. Together they form the word ” Maras “, the name of a famous gang in el salvador. “I’m Angel… I have killed five people in el Salvador, I am on supervised release for me to take care of my children “, does it, before turning to happy toddlers playing in a placeholder.

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Louisiana Brannon LeBouef is sitting in his SUV. An automatic pistol in the ankle, another slipped to the level of the fly, a knife in the left pocket, the other in the right pocket and the must AR-15 in hand, and placed between the two front seats. This former police officer and owner of a gun shop, makes me discover his field of fire. “Train today and be ready for the problems of tomorrow, that is my motto. I was still a police officer at the time of Katrina, when our world is well organized has shifted a glance : 120-volt separate us from the jungle ! More electricity, that means no drinking water, nor food, nor communications. It is the anarchy, the looting, the killings, the settlements of accounts, the epidemics ! Since then, I prepare… If a mad man starts to shoot children, I can bring it down.
– You do not think that all these armed people increases the risk of a skid ?
– The gun is an inert object that only kills on the decision of its owner. Gun control will not fix stupidity. It is necessary to compel those who have firearms training in order to avoid accidents. Not a question of making the arms out of the law, otherwise only the outlaws will have guns… “
Our conversation is interrupted by gunfire : a father and his daughter of 10 years, Kevin and Morgan Leonhardt. “I’m learning excellence to my daughter. Owning a weapon is a serious matter, participate in competition that requires us to be at the top.
– Since my father offered me an AR-15, I train all week to be the best. I am learning to control my breathing, not to tremble, to shoot only when I am ready. At school, my friends respect me… The AR-15 is a great weapon ! she adds.
– But the girl is only 10 years old…
– Yes, but she is very talented.
– And you carry both a handgun in the waistband ?
– This is for all the days, we are not going when not even walk in the street with a rifle !
After all these killings in schools, don’t you think that there should be stricter rules ?
– Too late, the 260 million firearms are in legal circulation in the United States. But it is necessary to arm some of the teachers ! After an assessment of their mental and physical capabilities, of course. Well-trained, they could quickly eliminate the killer. “

New Orleans- On Esplanade, one of the most beautiful avenues of the city, beautiful villas, colonial-style line up in the shade of century-old trees. This sense of well-being tropical has earned the town its nickname, the Big Easy. A serenity that the reverend Bill Terry, church St. Anna, don’t be afraid to disturb. It holds the list of killed of the week. On a wall of his church, the victims of murders are classified by year.
“I started in 2007, when my daughter committed suicide with my gun. It would perhaps not have died if she had not found. I did this to show that the statistical hiding of the faces, names, families, dreams. In Washington, they have the wall of heroes in Vietnam ; we, us, our wall of shame. People refuse to see the misery to a few meters, it gives rise to yet drug trafficking and the violence that goes with it. With my panel, I forces them to look at. Before, when you had a problem, it was saint Paul, and saint John. Today we turn to Smith & Wesson… But violence calls violence. I hate firearms. Artists me their support, as this painter who adds it to the ceiling of my church as many stars as there are victims. “To them, the reverend raises his arms.

Pennsylvania ” Being armed allows each man to defend himself and protect his neighbor ! “Hyung-Jin Sean Moon, aged 38, is the pastor of the Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland. He is also the son of the founder of the sect Moon. After the death of his father, he founded his own community and has resumed to his account, verse 27, chapter II of the Revelation of st. John : “He will rule with a sceptre of iron, as well as one breaks the vessels of clay. “Equivalent in 2018, the AR-15, among others. Then his followers, wearing crowns, bless weapons. What he contests. On the other hand, it is quite okay to say that the press spreads the real problem which is that of the drug. “Violence is not the fact of weapons. The fools who want to kill can do it with a truck, as at home, Nice… ” And regrets that nobody is talking about the number of people that guns have saved.

In his religion, he uses weapons only in a defensive purpose, respecting the very ancient “law of the castle” which was of “an Englishman’s home” a place tamper-proof that its owner had the right to defend themselves. This principle has crossed the Atlantic to be used today in some thirty States. A Newfoundland, a sort of promised Land of the shooter, the Constitution asserts the need to be armed for his own defence and that of his loved ones. “Love God, love your neighbor and be a good protector,” concludes the pastor in adjusting his crown (of balls). Pierre Tardy, 67 years of age, approves of it. The French original of lyon is one of its followers. He trains with his AR-15 : “We always think that it only happens to others, and then one day…” His two girls seem to be more fearful. “Young people today are scared of arms, regret it… And for good reason, they are so often the targets.

Kennesaw, Georgia, The decree dates from 1982. Here, any person has the obligation to possess a firearm. The flag of the Confederacy floating above the stall of Dent Myers, 85, former head of the Ku Klux Klan. Tooth assumes its radical opinion on the deliquescence of the american society. And don’t come out without its two colts. When he leaves his store to go to lunch, it has the full panoply of the western, except the boots. Question of budget… he wears sandals. Face it, James Hayes, 67 years old, gives him a look unkind. Him, he participates in a historical reenactment, and he is afraid that the specialty of the corner deters the public from coming. If it is not opposed to the possession of weapons, he calls for extra vigilance. “It should be like for the cars : licence, insurance, registration plate. “With his friends, he pulls, but in white.

Austin, Texas ” My favorite color is purple. “We suspected by looking at two AR-15 “special order” of Tina. His Glock is matched. It also has two guns, a pump shotgun, 12 gauge, leaning against the door of the bedroom and in his garage, one rifle caliber 22 glasses, all ready to use. Tina directs the local branch of the association A Girl and A Gun (A girl and a gun). “In the city, people feel protected, the police arrive in ten minutes. Here, he needs at least twenty. Several women in the group have already been attacked “, she explains. We learn, here, to shoot to defend themselves, but also for the company. After training, the girls meet for dinner. Without a weapon at the belt. “I will carry one eventually when I have lost weight,” says Carmen Glassinger, 62 years of age. And she bursts out laughing. The arms and obesity, two problems of America…

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