James Martin left red faced by guest Rob Rinder’s very cheeky proposal

JAMES Martin cooked Rob Rinder a sea-bass dish – but James got embarrassed after Rob jokingly suggested they get married.

TV judge Rob appeared as a celebrity guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning today.


Rob Rinder cause James Martin to run off after proposing[/caption]

Filmed live from James’ home kitchen, the pair got along well while talking about easy recipes and Rob’s successful television career.

Rob was also very impressed with James’ sea-bass and home grown vegetables.

He joked to viewers: “I think people should know that when I sat down here in his real house and he said ‘I’m just going to cook for you, make perfect food and then ask you questions whilst serving you expensive wine’ I asked you where Ant and Dec were.”

Finishing up his cooking demonstration, James explained: “But, look you’ve just got some lime zest over the top and there you have it.


James interviewed Rob while cooking sea-bass[/caption]

James cooked up a lovely sea-bass dish which impressed Rob

“It’s a lovely little dish just for you. It’s basically sea-bass with a sauce made out of this amazing Korean gochujang paste, veg from my garden with a little bit of lime over the top.”

Rob asked James: “You grew the vegetables as well?”

And James confirmed: “I do grow my own veg.”

Clearly overwhelmed by the chef’s talent, the TV judge swooned: “If I didn’t know you were a little bit different and interested in cars I would ask you to marry me right now.”


James awkwardly ran off after Rob proposed[/caption]

James awkwardly responded: “There’s a thing! Anyway, look at the fish!” before running off.

Meanwhile, Rob and the crew behind the cameras burst into laughter.

Rob enjoyed his experience on the morning show and admitted: “This is my best morning in a very long time!”

Later, James cooked up another dish for Rob, a sweet and sour chicken.


Rob loved James’ sweet and sour chicken[/caption]

Rob remarked: “They need to invent smell-o-vision, this is heaven.”

Again, Rob couldn’t resist in joking: “When am I moving in?”

Viewers loved seeing Rob on the cooking show, as one fan said: “Lovely to see Rob Rinder so enthusiastic about the sea bass recipe. I’m going to try it. More Rob Rinder please! Very entertaining and lovely food of course.”

A second wrote: “One of the best guests ever. Natural enthusiasm for the food. So much respect for you RR. Hope James invites you back on show.” 


Rob joked “When am I moving in?”[/caption]

Another penned: “Rob Rinder propositioning James Martin on his own show in his own home is proof positive that you shouldn’t drink before 10:00am.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Rob revealed that he previously wanted to go into acting but thought he had “no talent.”

He told viewers that he joined the debate team at his university and then followed a career in law shortly after.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning in available to watch on ITV Hub.


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