Jamie Carragher backs petition calling for Liverpool legend and Gary Neville to be added as FIFA 22 commentators

JAMIE CARRAGHER has backed a petition to get him and Gary Neville added as commentators for the FIFA 22 game.

The popular football video game changed the voices for the FIFA 21 edition as they binned off Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.

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Carragher and Neville have established themselves as two of the very best pundits in England[/caption]

They were replaced by Derek Rae and former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon, voices which are very rarely heard on live games.

And now an online petition has begun to endorse Carra and Nev for the upcoming edition of the game, something the Liverpool legend himself is in favour of.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “Where’s the pen & paper??!!!!”

The description of the petition reads: “Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are the best two co-commentators and pundits in the game right now.

“Fans deserve their soundbites and analysis on FIFA games to add to the realism and make it a much more enjoyable experience.

“The pairing of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith has gone in FIFA 21 and it’s just not the same with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon, particularly as they never do commentary on Premier League games.

“EA Sports need to do the right thing and get the most beloved duo in the booth and have their dulcet tones on FIFA 22.”


And a number of social media users were buzzing to hear that the duo, who frequently work together on Monday Night Football, could be teaming up on FIFA.

One said: “You’d be the biggest signing of the summer window.”

And another added: “We’re gonna go from Lee Dixon and Derek ‘Fernanch’ Rae to the greatest duo in history.”

A release date for FIFA 22 has not yet been released, but the video game is always released in either late September or early October.


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