Jamie Oliver tries to put kids off chicken nuggets but fails miserably

A VIDEO has emerged of a bunch of kids refusing to listen to Jamie Oliver’s views on how bad for you chicken nuggets are.

The clip, taken from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in 2011, shows Jamie whizzing up a load of chicken, including bones and skin, in a blender.

Jamie Oliver tries to put kids off chicken nuggets back in 2011 – but it doesn’t quite work out for him
The chef shows some kids exactly what goes into the nuggets they’re so obsessed with

He says to camera that he’s going to “blow these kids’ minds” and put them off nuggets for life with an experiment that “works every time”.

Jamie then shows a group of American children the reconstituted mess, which they agree looks disgusting.

Thinking that he’s onto a winner, Jamie then coats the chicken patties in breadcrumbs and begins to fry them.

He then confidently asks the kids, “Who would still eat this?”

At the end of the segment, the kids vote unanimously that they would still eat nuggets
Nothing can tear children away from chicken nuggets
Jamie isn’t happy that his experiment blew up in his face

Jamie is dismayed when every single one of the seven kids in the studio puts up their hand.

A despondent Jamie says: “Great. So there you go, the whole experiment failed.”

The chef has been on a crusade to try and persuade the nation to eat more healthily since the mid-noughties.

He even managed to get food like Turkey Twizzlers banned from schools in 2005.

Jamie’s wife Jools says she’d like a sixth child this year

But it looks like trying to put kids off their beloved chicken nuggets was a step too far.

Jamie’s wife Jools recently revealed that she would like to try for a fifth baby at the age of 43.

Jamie, also 43, said he was considering a vasectomy after son River Rocket arrived last year.

But now Jools says she wants to be pregnant before her next birthday in November.

She said: “It would be nice to get it in quick, before I’m 44.

“You don’t know if it’s going to happen if not. After 44 I think I’m getting a bit too old.

“I’m very happy with what I’ve got but a little baby, you can’t beat it.”

The pair already have Poppy Honey, 16, Daisy Boo, 15, Petal Blossom, nine, Bud­dy Bear, seven, and baby River Rocket.

But Jools told podcast Made by Mammas they kept having kids as Jamie had never complained.

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