Japan death penalty – does Japan have capital punishment, what execution methods do they use and when were Aum Shinrikyo killed?

THE last six members of the religious cult group Aum Shinkrikyo have been executed by Japanese authorities for their involvement in the sarin attack on the Tokyo underground in 1995.

Shoko Asahara and six other members had been executed earlier in July 2018.

The leader of the cult was executed earlier this month

Does Japan have capital punishment?

Japan has the death penalty for murder.

The death sentence is usually only imposed for multiple murders although it has also been implemented in rare cases of single murders.

Court rulings follow the ‘Nagayama standard’ where guidelines were established during the trial of Norio Nagayama who committed four separate robbery-murders in 1968.

The court ruled there should be nine criteria when considering the degree of criminal liability, which are: degree of viciousness, motive, how the crime was committed, in particular how the victim was killed, outcome of the crime – including the number of victims, the sentiments of the bereaved family, impact of the crime on Japanese society, the defendant’s age, the defendant’s past criminal record, degree of remorse shown by the defendant.

Japan’s Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa speaks at a news conference

What execution methods do they use?

Execution is carried out by hanging in an execution chamber inside a detention centre.

The centres in Japan equipped with those facilities are in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Sapporo.

People on Death Row in Japan are not considered to be prisoners by the justice system and inmates lack many of the rights given to other prisoners.

The regime they live under is largely down to the head of the detention centre and conditions are invariably much harsher than an ordinary Japanese prison.

Inmates are held in solitary confinement and are forbidden to communicate with their fellow prisoners.

They are only permitted two periods of exercise a week, are not allowed televisions and may only possess three books.

The members of Aum Shinrikyo who have been executed
AP:Associated Press


When were Aum Shinkrikyo killed?

The leader Shoko Asahara and {6} different members were dead on July 6, 2018.

Another six members were dead on July twenty six, 2018.

Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa same at a news conference: “The pain and anguish of the those that were killed and their families additionally as of the survivors left with disabilities, was impossible.”



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