How old is Jay Aston, how young was she in Bucks Fizz, when was her mouth cancer diagnosis and who’s her husband Dave Colquhoun?

JAY Aston is a British singer and songwriter who’s best known for being in the original lineup of Bucks Fizz.

But, what else do we know about her, who’s she married to and when was she diagnosed with mouth cancer? Let’s get the lowdown on her…

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Jay was one of the original members of Bucks Fizz[/caption]

How old is Jay Aston and when was she in Bucks Fizz?

Jay was born in Purley, Surrey, on May 4, 1961 – that makes her 57.

She was in Bucks Fizz from 1981–1985, and was the youngest member of the group’s original line-up.

When Bucks Fizz won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, Jay was 19.

During Jay’s time in the band, Bucks Fizz had 12 of their 13 UK top 40 hit singles, including three number one hits.

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Bucks Fizz were made up of Cheryl Baker, Bobby G, Andre Csillag and Jay[/caption]

When was Jay Aston diagnosed with mouth cancer?

Jay revealed in June 2018 that she’s battling mouth cancer and is facing the end of her singing career.

She opened up about her battle with the disease after discovering that the treatment for it will mean she will lose part of her tongue.

She told the Mirror: “I think if they take more of my tongue away the chances of me singing, even talking, will be very slim.”

The Making Your Mind Up singer faced a choice between losing her voice or not having treatment, and with a young daughter, it was a no-brainer.

“I have a young daughter, I want to see her grow up, I want to see her get married and see her grandchildren.”

“After they told me, I got on the train and bawled my eyes out. Everyone was looking at me. I called my husband, and then Cheryl Baker.

“The thought of rejoining the band is now keeping me going. Being on stage with them is my happy place. Whatever you go through, it doesn’t matter when you are on stage.”

On July 21, Jay updated her fans with her ongoing battle, saying that it had been her “toughest 10 days ever” following a seven hour surgery on her cancer.

She said: “I have a large scar on my leg and neck, plus a new half of my tongue attached.

“Recovery will be slow, but I know the worst is behind me. I’ve had amazing support from family, friends and fans.”

Jay Aston and her husband Dave Colquhoun
Twitter/Jay Aston

Who’s her husband Dave Colquhoun?

Jay is married to Dave Colquhoun, a guitarist.

The pair tied the knot in August 199, and they have daughter together, Josie Alexandra, who was born in 2003.

According to his Linkedin profile, Dave has worked with the likes of Ian Brown, Rick Wakeman, Ozzy Osbourne, Go West , Bananarama, T’Pau, Belinda Carlisle and Paul Young.

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