Jean-Claude Juncker branded a ‘dead frog’ as Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban takes aim at Brussels

SOZZLED Jean-Claude Juncker was branded a “dead frog” last night as another member state took aim at Brussels in a fresh blow to EU unity.

Hungary said the chief Eurocrat’s days are “numbered” and likened his administration to a twitching amphibian corpse.

Jean-Claude Juncker
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Jean-Claude Juncker was branded a ‘dead frog’ in fiery EU talks[/caption]

Budapest called for “a new Commission with a new approach” to the highly divisive issue of migration. PM Viktor Orban raged: “We need a Commission after the European elections which does not punish those countries that protect their borders like Hungary.”

He has been embroiled in a long-running battle with eurocrats over the controversial policy of migrant quotas.

He added the current state of the Commission was like “the last movements of frogs’ legs in biological experiments which we saw when we were at school, which no longer had significance.”

Earlier this year Brussels hauled Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic up before the ECJ after they refused to take in migrants under the quota scheme.

The deeply divisive policy has caused repeated rows between Member States, who are now trying to focus on shoring up the bloc’s external borders.


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