Jean-Claude Juncker is everything wrong with the EU — and why we voted to leave

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JEAN-Claude Juncker says he won’t miss the British Press once we’ve left the EU. The feeling’s mutual.

He is everything that’s wrong with the European project — and why it’s so vital that we leave.


In his latest rant, Jean Claude-Juncker warned ‘Press freedom has its limits’[/caption]

In his latest rant, he demanded “respect” and delivered a warning that “Press freedom has its limits”. Why?

Alas, Luxembourg’s finest is annoyed that the media keep reporting on the persistent rumours that he is half-cut most of the time.

He must be to think, as he does, that the UK would have voted Remain if only HE had been involved in the referendum. Fat chance. He’d have doubled the Leave vote.

The trials and tribulations of Brexit might have made some wonder if it’s all worth the hassle. So it’s good of Jean-Claude, a puffed-up political pygmy, to remind us why we’re better off out.


Puffed-up political pygmy Juncker says he won’t miss the British Press once we leave the shackles of Brussels, but guess what? The feeling is mutual[/caption]

Brexiteers need to keep their eyes on the prize. Attention-seeking bores like Andrew Adonis and Alastair Campbell, plus shadowy campaign outfits, are trying their hardest to undermine Brexit.

Nobody should think this battle is won. Nobody should be complacent about political battles still to come.

And nobody who believes in a prosperous, independent nation should allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good when it comes to Britain’s departure, and walk into the Remainers’ “people’s vote” trap.

We leave in less than six months. And when we do, we’ll raise a glass. Maybe Jean-Claude will join us.

Get credit right

THE Universal Credit system IS a good idea – but the roll-out must be done properly.

The Tories’ benefit changes in the last Government, making it more rewarding to be in work, are a big part of the ­reason employment is at a record high. UC is the final part of that puzzle.

PA:Press Association

Universal Credit is a good idea for Brits but the Government must roll it out correctly[/caption]

But reports that some working families could lose significant amounts of cash overnight are deeply worrying.

Our benefits regime needs to be firm.

But it must also be fair.

Boomtown flat

BOB Geldof warns Britain will be a ­“cultural jail” after Brexit.

Quite why the power to strike our own trade deals will affect our ability to play guitar isn’t yet clear.

Getty – Contributor

Bob Geldof claims Brexit Britain will be a ‘cultural jail’[/caption]

In fact, when it comes to music, it’s Britain’s institutions that are more­ ­dangerous. The BBC has decided in its infinite wisdom to publish its entire archive of classical music to compete with streaming services and record labels. Why? Just because it can?

It’s a decision that sums up the big-state, God-complex thinking that seeps right through the BBC.

Lord Hall promised to change Auntie’s tune – but he’s still hitting the wrong notes


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