Jeanne en Provence : zoom in on the range that promises silky hair

On the shores of the Mediterranean, women have a special opportunity : to live under the sun, while keeping the hair silky. And in Jeanne of Provence, you are invited.e.s to discover this beauty ritual around the olive. Having at heart to make you discover the treasures of Provence, the brand is focused around this ingredient to a range of Divine Olive in tribute to the fruit king that we love so much.

In this way, the powers that be moisturizing, regenerating and softening of theolive oil are put forward to allow your hair to regain its flexibility and its brilliance. The range of capillary comprises a mask nourishing with a complex of 9 plants, a post-shampoo detangler, a mild shampoo with extracts of lime and nasturtium, as well as a oil that you can use as hair for the face and body.


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