‘Jeffrey Epstein is alive’ conspiracy theory sparked after a ‘sighting’ near the dead pedophile’s ranch

JEFFREY Epstein has been spotted alive near his New Mexico ranch where he defiled his sex slaves, according to a bizarre conspiracy theory. 

The financier was found dead in his cell last year as he awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges — but that has not stopped rumours that he faked his own death and has gone into hiding.


Jeffery Epstein was allegedly spotted alive near his New Mexico ranch[/caption]

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Epstein was found dead in his jail cell last year awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges[/caption]

In a video posted by YouTube channel ABQ Raw, it has been claimed the billionaire was spotted outside the infamous ranch inside a red vehicle as he approached the fence line.

The video narrator claims “Epstein rode off into the sunset after faking his death”.

He said: “While we were on scene, a red truck approached the fence line and a gentleman rolled the window down.

“He observed the protest and raised his cell phone to snap some photos of the group.

“The driver of the red truck had a striking resemblance to the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein.”


Epstein had reportedly revealed his plans to “seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch”, although he was not known to have had children. 

There is no evidence to suggest he is alive. 

Law enforcement officials confirmed on August 10 last year he had taken his own life at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, which is where he had been held without bail.

Chief Medical Examiner Dr Barbara Sampson ruled on August 16, 2019, that the death was a “suicide”.

It also sparked widespread anger that the vile sex fiend had cheated justice — and that no-one would be held accountable for his dehumanising defilement of teenage girls, groomed to obey his every command.

But some believe he was murdered by powerful people who risked being implicated in his sex trafficking crimes. 

Notably, given that he was New York City’s former chief medical examiner, Dr Michael Baden disputed the verdict of his successor Barbara Sampson who had concluded Epstein did not kill himself and was most likely strangled.

But Baden insisted on Fox News: “I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide.”

He was hired by Epstein’s family — who were appalled about allegation but suspicious about his sudden death — to observe his autopsy.

Others are convinced he faked his own death and is in hiding. 

In February it emerged after Epstein’s death, his estate transferred more than $12 million to his US Virgin Island bank.

Epstein was being held at the high-security jail in New York ahead of his trial but was found dead in his cell.
Views of Epstein’s home on the US Virgin Islands where alleged abuse was carried out


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