Jeffrey Epstein’s creepy ‘smile of enjoyment’ exposed his child sex ring guilt, body language expert says

THE LATE Jeffrey Epstein flashed a “smile of enjoyment” that revealed his guilt as a sex offender, according to body language experts and linguists.

Epstein’s words and mannerisms are dissected in a new documentary, Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein.

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Linguists and body language experts analyze Jeffrey Epstein’s mannerisms in the new documentary, Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein[/caption]

The American financier, who was found dead last August in his prison cell, met socialite Ghislaine Maxwell in the 1990s and she introduced him to her friend the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Maxwell, who was Epstein’s girlfriend, allegedly brought girls for him to sexually abuse.

In one clip from the one-hour special, body language expert Cliff Lansley analyzes Epstein at a pre-hearing deposition for his alleged sex crimes. 

Asked about allegations that he procured underage girls for sex for his birthday, Epstein responds, “Nope,” but simultaneously smiles. 

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Jeffrey Epstein met socialite Ghislaine Maxwell in the 1990s[/caption]

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/Disney +

Jeffrey Epstein’s body language contradicted his denials, according to experts[/caption]

“At the point the three 12-year-old girls are mentioned, we see a head turn away from the interviewer, an eye closure, and the right lip lifts,” Lansley says, conveying that Epstein’s gestures run counter to his denial. 

“This is contempt—it’s moving the corner of the mouth towards the centre of the cheek, contempt towards the question,” he says. 

In addition, Lansley points out Epstein’s extremely subtle hand roll and his head shake as further admission of his guilt. 

“If you look at his sleeve on the left-hand side of the screen, under his left hand, you’ll see the arm raising. But the clues from the shirt here are that we’re getting a single-sided hand shrug,” the body language expert says. 


Jeffrey Epstein died of suicide, according to a medical examiner[/caption]

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Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell introduced Jeffrey Epstein to her inner circle including Prince Andrew[/caption]

“That is strong evidence that the body and the thinking and the feeling is contradicting the response. So, this tells us that there’s no confidence in his head shake ‘no.’”

Dawn Archer, a linguistic professor, agrees that Epstein’s “smirk of enjoyment” reflects his guilt on the matter. 

“We even see him smiling as he gives his first, ‘I would like to answer that question, I really would,’” Archer says.

Archer adds that it is an “odd thing to be enjoying” given the allegations Epstein was facing, which included receiving minor girls as a birthday gift to take advantage of. 

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Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘reddening face’ while he was questioned was a sign of his anxiety and stress, according to a body language expert[/caption]

Lansley also zeros in on Epstein’s “reddening face” as a sign that the questioning caused him to be anxious. 

“We get a look away and we get a movement across the nose—the stress of not being able to respond is creating an increase in blood flow,” Lansley says. 

When he was asked about 14-year-old girls, Epstein’s skin tone grew more flushed from a hike in blood pressure, according to Lansley.

“This is not embarrassment or a blushing, this is a redness that’s created by stress,” he says.

Epstein was arrested in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking of minors. 

A medical examiner ruled the cause of Epstein’s death, five weeks after his arrest, a suicide.


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