Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour party has ‘no position’ on second Brexit vote amid growing pressure from within party

JEREMY Corbyn has claimed Labour has “no position” on a second Brexit poll, his clearest signal yet that the party will back a re-run.

The Opposition leader has repeatedly ruled out support for another ballot but will face grassroots calls for a U-turn at his party’s conference later this month.

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Jeremy Corbyn said his party has ‘no position’ on a second referendum which is a break from past statements[/caption]

Just last month he said “It’s not our policy to have a second referendum, it’s our policy to respect the result of the referendum.”

But speaking in Hull he told reporters: “We don’t have a position on it yet.”

Labour backing a second referendum would electrify the campaign to see Brexit undone.

Theresa May’s wafer-thin minority would mean only two dozen Tory MPs breaking ranks could plunge Britain back into the Leave vs Remain battle.

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Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage said ‘Labour is getting ready to betray Brexit’[/caption]

The GMB union called for a second referendum on Tuesday.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage blasted: “The Labour Party are getting ready to betray Brexit and to betray 5 million of their own voters.”

But Mr Corbyn’s wobble delighted anti-Brexit campaigners.

The Best for Britain group said: “It’s clear that the sands are shifting on Brexit. This week GMB came out in support of a people’s vote, while Unite have left the door open to the British public having a final say.

“More and more people, from all walks of life, are demanding their voice be heard on one of the biggest political decisions of this century.”

Earlier this week Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis said: “Re-running the referendum would take us all back to square one.”


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