Jeremy Corbyn called ‘two-faced’ after claiming second referendum could be ‘healing process’ while warning of Brexit ‘endless loop’

JEREMY Corbyn was branded two-faced after claiming a second referendum could be a “healing process” – while also warning it would leave Britain “stuck in this endless loop”.

Launching his Euro elections campaign in Medway, Kent he defied calls from Labour Remainers to become an anti-Brexit party, saying they were looking at the issue the “wrong way around”.

Jeremy Corbyn was branded two-faced after the launching of his Euro election campaign in Kent

He added: “They tend to think the first question is Leave or Remain, as if either is an end in itself.”

And Mr Corbyn told Remainers for “a bit of understand of why so many people felt so frustrated with the system that they voted to leave”.

But after his speech he was confronted by a Labour activist asking how to explain Labour’s confusing Brexit policy to voters on the doorstep.

Changing his tune, Mr Corbyn replied: “The view we put forward, the party conference put this forward, the national executive agreed this, that we should include the option of having a ballot on a public vote on the outcome of the talks and negotiations on what we’re putting forward.

“I would want that to be seen as a healing process, and bringing this whole process to a conclusion.

Tory MP Nigel Evans said: “Jeremy Corbyn has one head but two faces and the public aren’t thick and will not be fooled as they demonstrated at the local elections.

“When you ride two horses at the same time it is very likely that you will fall off both- and it does strike me as dangerous and unwise for our party to be talking to him when we simply don’t know what which of the two opposing policies he really supports.”

The comments sparked fury with Labour’s Remainers.

Elsie Greenwood, from the anti-Brexit For our Future’s Sake group, said: “Today, Jeremy Corbyn talked of ‘give hope to a whole generation of younger people’ at the launch of the Labour Party’s European Manifesto.

“The reality is that my party’s continued unwillingness to back it’s members and voters in supporting a public vote on all agreed Brexit Deals means it’s not giving hope to young people, it’s taking it away.”

Corbyn backed a second referendum while warning of the Brexit ‘endless loop’



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