Jeremy Corbyn has lost sight of a simple truth — most Brits love our country

JEREMY CORBYN picked the worst week imaginable to spit his puerile anti- American poison at our greatest ally.

The nation was remembering a debt that can never be repaid to the generation who bought our freedom with their youth, their blood and their lives.

Does Jeremy Corbyn know nothing of the British people?
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And Labour’s leader was ranting bug-eyed at a rally where many were seemingly convinced that the American president is a “Nazi”.

No — Nazis built factories for the industrial slaughter of six million men, women and children. Nazis enslaved Europe until a generation gave their all to wipe that evil creed from the earth. Nazis — real Nazis! — were waiting for those men and boys when they landed on those hellish beaches 75 years ago.

As our Queen welcomed the democratically elected leader of the country that fought by our side in Normandy, Corbyn made a great show of boycotting Trump’s state banquet but attending the anti-Trump protest.

And Corbyn never looked more like a 70-year-old student. The Americans are not simply our oldest allies, Jeremy, the Americans are our biggest trading partners. Who are we going to trade with if you ever get to 10 Downing Street? Venezuela? Palestine?

Jeremy Corbyn made a massive misjudgement by so flamboyantly snubbing Trump. And I suspect that somewhere in his mediocre old mind, Jezza knows it. That is why he later begged Trump for a meeting, which the President took great delight in denying.

The Queen showed Corbyn how it should be done. Whatever Her Majesty’s personal feelings about this brash American President — and she seems to quite like him — she welcomed Trump with grace and dignity.


The Queen’s treatment of her American guest was not simply good diplomacy. It was good manners. And the British care about good manners. To insult the American President as we honoured the American boys who never went home was, more than anything, just so unforgivably RUDE. Does Jeremy Corbyn know nothing of the British people?

Millions find it mind-boggling that he can happily break bread with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA but refuses to share a state dinner with the President of the United States.

Corbyn has spent so long in the self-loathing sewer of the hard Left that he has lost sight of a simple truth — most British people have a deep and profound love for this country.

This week was a reminder that we have so much to be proud of. A nation looked at that dwindling band of brothers who stormed the beaches of Normandy and felt nothing but gratitude for their sacrifice.

There is an instinctive patriotism in our people that Corbyn and his Marxist muppets simply do not understand or share. Labour may have clung on to their seat in Peterborough by the skin of Corbyn’s dentures, but the virtue-signalling old booby never looked less like a potential Prime Minister.

The oldest student in town does not look ready to form a government. He looks ready for a care home. The compulsive halo-polishing goes down a storm on social media, Mr Corbyn. It just doesn’t work in the real world.

If the day ever comes when Corbyn is drooling on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street, is he only going to do business with people he approves of? How lonely he will be!

The Queen showed Corbyn how it should be done
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Generous, beautiful George

GEORGE MICHAEL was the most generous of men. When we wrote his autobiography together, we innocently shook hands on splitting the profits 50-50. But a ghost writer does not usually get the same payday as the global superstar with his name on the front cover.

George could be stubborn, self-destructive and self-obsessed – but he was a beautiful man
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When we wrote our book, George was coming off the back of his first solo album, Faith, and was possibly the biggest star in the world. His American managers confidently assured my agent that our 50-50 deal was never going to happen. But it did – because George Michael insisted on it.

He had given his word and we had shaken hands. George didn’t care about money. He cared about friendship.  So it was interesting to see how George’s last will and testimony divided his £97.6million fortune.

Among those included are George’s 80-year-old dad, Kyriacos, his sisters Melanie and Yioda, and his friends Shirlie Kemp and David Austin. Those who didn’t make the cut included his lovers Kenny Goss and Fadi Fawaz, and his old Wham! buddy, Andrew Ridgeley.

But Kenny and Fadi enjoyed the good life at George’s side for many years while Andrew has a joint songwriting credit on Careless Whisper, which has been worth around £10million in royalties. Not bad, as Andrew was never particularly known for his songwriting genius.

George probably felt he had taken good care of Kenny, Fadi and Andrew in life. George could be stubborn, self-destructive and self-obsessed. But he was a beautiful man. And he had the biggest heart in the world.

AJ’s still got a lot of clout

THEY are all queuing up to kick Anthony Joshua while he is down. Tyson Fury initially made sympathetic noises when Joshua got battered on his American debut by roly-poly Andy Ruiz Jr, a 25-1 underdog who resembles Homer Simpson’s body double.

There is no shame in losing a boxing match
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But now the Gypsy King has joined the sadistic joy in Joshua’s humiliation and recommends AJ, “never shows his face in public again”. Madison Square Garden was a catastrophe for Joshua.

He was beaten up by a chubby chops who was such a late booking that his name did not even appear on the tickets.  But Ruiz was always more than a Snickers addict. Before Joshua, he had fought 33 times and only lost once. Ruiz was never going to be a walkover for Joshua.

But AJ should have found a way to beat him. And such is the brutal nature of boxing that Joshua now needs to win a rematch with Ruiz Jr if he is to salvage his career.

Joshua seemed strangely off in New York, distracted and uncertain, absent-mindedly pushing out his gum shield during the ring walk, weirdly smiley after the ref waved off the fight.  But Joshua has been a great advertisement for British boxing.

And there is no shame in losing a boxing match. Muhammad Ali lost five times. Floyd Mayweather never lost. Now you tell me – who is the greater man?

Generous girth

SIOBAHN PRIGENT is the woman seen screaming “Nazi scum!” at a lone Trump supporter, then cackling with sadistic delight when the mob splatters the POTUS fan with a milkshake.

Siobhan Prigent is the woman seen screaming ‘Nazi scum!’ at a lone Trump supporter

Some social media users say that it is wrong to mention Prigent’s generous girth when commenting on her repulsive behaviour. Fat-shaming, they call it.  That’s rich!

It was the protesters who made a great show of flying their big-bellied, fat- bottomed balloon.

So if there is fat-shaming being done, Siobhan Prigent’s side started it.

Incredible little girl

IN a week of heroes, the bravery of one little girl shone brightest.

It was my honour to know quite a few war veterans and every one of them would have saluted the courage of this incredible little girl
SWNS:South West News Service

Harmonie-Rose Allen lost her arms and legs to meningitis one month before her first birthday.
She has taken up gymnastics and loves performing cartwheels and rolls.

It was my honour to know quite a few war veterans.

They have all gone now, but every one of them would have saluted the courage of this incredible little girl.

Miley gets fruity

MILEY CYRUS protests abortion bans in some US states by posing with grapefruits over her bare breasts.

Miley protests abortion bans by posing with grapefruits
Instagram / Marc Jacobs / BEEM

“Don’t f*** with my freedom!” warns Miley.
Or her fruit and veg.

Worzel woes

I HAVE my doubts about the remake of Worzel Gummidge with Mackenzie Crook playing the lead scarecrow.

Who would have thought that Worzel Gummidge would ever lose his looks?

Jon Pertwee’s Worzel had a kind of raggedy, grandfatherly charm.

This new Worzel looks like one of the undead coming to get you in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Who would have thought that Worzel Gummidge would ever lose his looks?


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