Jeremy Corbyn risks losing huge numbers of working class voters over his support for second referendum, warns union boss

HUGE numbers of working class voters could desert Labour over Jeremy Corbyn’s support for a second referendum, a union chief warned last night.

He said Corbyn risks being deserted by “huge numbers” of working class voters in Labour’s heartlands over his support for a second referendum.

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Len McCluskey has warned that Corbyn’s Brexit strategy may lead huge numbers of working class voters to desert the party[/caption]

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McCluskey has been one of Corbyn’s key supporters[/caption]

Unite boss Len McCluskey, who is a key Corbynista, said a poll of 75,000 Labour members showed the party’s failure to back Brexit is hitting them in the North and Midlands.

He added that if Mr Corbyn wins the election and negotiates a new deal Unite will call a special conference and could back it over Remain in a second referendum.

Union officials have complained that the Labour leader is “toxic” and “divisive” on the doorstep, with one questioning why it was “still backing a leader who can’t sort” out anti-Semitism.

Mr McCluskey said Labour needs to “tackle the very real issues we’ve got over Brexit and with Jeremy in some places” to turn things around.


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