Jeremy Corbyn set to be SUED by Jewish activist for saying he ‘doesn’t understand English irony’

JEREMY Corbyn is set to be sued for £100,000 by the Jewish activist he accused of not understanding British irony.

The Labour boss is facing action from Richard Millett, 50, after he made more comments about him on Sunday, MailOnline revealed.

Jeremy Corbyn is set to be sued by one of the Jewish people he referred to who said he ‘didn’t understand English irony’
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During an interview with Andrew Marr last weekend, the Labour leader labeled Mr Millett “incredibly disruptive’, claiming that the police wanted to throw him out of Parliament.

The Labour leader added: “They had been disruptive of a number of meetings. At the meeting where [the Palestinian representative] spoke, they were quiet.”

Mr Millett says that the allegations are a smear, and are damaging his reputation.

He told the paper: “Jeremy Corbyn has constantly been trying to paint me as some aggressive traitor who has brushes with police.”

Mr Murray is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn
The Labour boss has damaged his reputation, Richard Millett claimed
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And he added: “Listening to his interview, you’d have thought that the police were on the verge of hauling me out of parliamentary events and it was only saintly Corbyn who stopped that happening.”

The Labour boss caused uproar when it was revealed he said Jews “don’t understand English irony” at an event back in 2013.

The remarks were reported to the party but no action has been taken.

Mr Corbyn said there were “thankfully silent Zionists who were in the audience on that occasion and then came up and berated him afterwards…

“They clearly have two problems: one is they don’t want to study history and secondly having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony either.”

The Israel supporter went on to say he wasn’t aggressive and he was being smeared.

“I didn’t berate anybody and I’m not an aggressive person,” he said. “I’ve had this over the years, everyone’s been trying to smear me as aggressive, and it’s just not true.

“It’s totally untrue. It’s preposterous. I think he just said it on the hoof, under questioning on the BBC on Sunday. He can’t actually back it up.

“That’s the smear, and now it’s coming from the very top. Jeremy Corbyn is making it more widespread. He’s trying to make me persona non grata.”

The Labour Party has been embroiled in an anti-semitism controversy for months
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Gideon Falter, chairman of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said: ‘When Jeremy Corbyn’s comments about ‘Zionists’ being un-English came to light, they sent shockwaves through the Jewish community.

“Throughout the summer, as the evidence of Mr Corbyn’s antisemitism mounted, instead of apologising, he has dug deeper, responding to each allegation against him by splitting hairs and spinning tales that frankly beggar belief.

“At long last, Mr Corbyn has must now face a British court so that a judge can separate fact from fiction.”

A Labour spokesman said: “This is just nonsense.”


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